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90 Day Drug Rehab

90 day drug rehabMany people assume that drug rehab programs only last 28-30 days. However, thankfully, this assumption is wrong, because there have been studies to show that the longer a person is in an inpatient drug rehab program, the higher their rates of successful recovery. Many inpatient residential drug rehab programs have begun offering 90 day rehab programs in addition to their 30 or 60 day options. In fact 90 day programs are quickly becoming the new gold standard in addiction treatment and recovery.

Why Choose a 90 Day Drug Rehab Program?

When a person begins treatment, there is a very good chance that they are not well physically. Abusing drugs or alcohol takes a tremendous toll on a person's body. Often addicts come to rehab in a malnourished state and their brain chemistry is not working properly, either....
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Addiction Discrimination

addiction discriminationSo you’ve realized that you have a problem with alcohol or drugs and have completed your treatment… but now what? Even if you have existing employment or housing, it may be a good time for a fresh start. Why is that? Because there may be negative influences surrounding your previous employment or living arrangements. Now is really a good opportunity to start over. But what many people may not realize is that even though they’ve completed treatment and are in recovery, there still may be people out there who are doubtful of your sobriety and/or reliability. We’re not talking about whether you’ll be at a lunch date when you say you will, but rather whether you will fall into relapse and then not show up for work, or pay your rent. However, just because you may have had those issues in...
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