Kelly Lynne Harris, Nationally Certified Interventionist

Kelly Lynne Harris is a Nationally Certified Interventionist with over 400 interventions. She maintains a 98% success rate with alcohol and drug dependent individuals, gambling, sex, and food addicts, and individuals with anger management issues, eating disorders, underlying psychological issues, and other negative behavior patterns.

Kelly Lynne is a recovering alcohol/drug addict, and understands first hand how chemical dependency and other issues can destroy both the family and the individual. Her main goal is to “bring the bottom” to her clients, so that they don’t go on to face the ultimate bottoms . . . jails, institutions, or death.

Kelly Lynne earned her Psychology degree at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After a seven-year battle with alcohol, depression, and prescription drugs, she entered drug and alcohol treatment in Southern California. ?Embracing her recovery, she recognized that she had been given a second chance at life. She went on to earn certifications as a Child/ Family Crisis Therapist, a Dual Diagnosis Clinician, and a Nationally Certified Drug and Alcohol Interventionist. Today, she helps families across the country give their loved ones a second chance.