I wanted to check in with you and let you know today marks ONE YEAR since I left Ocean Hills!

I’m doing very well. Been working as a bartender since October, which actually helps keep me sober because I am constantly reminded of who I used to be and get to see what I WOULD be if I had even one drink. I make a decent income, and I live in an amazing place and am about to move out in my own for the first time. I now own a car. I’ve got an incredible boyfriend that totally understands addiction (his sister is also a recovering alcoholic that works for a local rehab center) that I communicate with on a level I never thought I could achieve. On that note, I’ve improved the relationships i have with family and my dad and I are super close! I trust and love myself, my confidence level is through the roof, and every day is a good day!

By the end of 2014, I hope to be going back to school to study psychology. I also plan on getting a puppy once I’m settled into my new place (September). Bob and I are the best of friends and are a great support system for one another. He is such an awesome friend for this process of finally becoming independent and ‘all grown up’.

Thanks for all your help during my first month. I’ll never forget you!

In Gratitude,