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Intervention Specialist for Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

The disease of addiction is powerful. Its greatest weapons are denial and secrecy. Often, sufferers are not aware of the toll their drinking and using has taken on their friends and family. They may not even be aware that they have crossed the line into addiction. This aspect of the disease seems unbelievable to many loved ones. They are unable to understand why their addict cannot see the trouble he has gotten himself into. They are unable to understand why their ardent pleas for sobriety are dismissed so easily. The addict tells himself that he is the only one harmed by his abuses.

Often, in order to make it clear to the addict that his problem has become out of control, a light needs to be shone on the darkest aspects of his disease. This is the process of Intervention. A professional interventionist facilitates an honest dialogue between loved ones and the addicted individual. It is their mission to help families and friends to voice their concerns regarding the addict’s behavior in a loving and hopeful manner. Each person is encouraged to share their feelings and list specific incidences in which their lives have been damaged by the abuse. In the end, help is offered and a plan is put in place for the addict to get into recovery.

The most loving thing a family member can do for an addict or an alcoholic is to tell them the truth about how their abuses have affected them. It can also be the hardest thing. If it is not done properly and with care, the offer for help will most assuredly be rejected.

Many people may have spoken to the addict about his abuses. An addict can easily rationalize the complaints of a single person. They are able to drink or use right through the tirades and complaints of a few windy relatives. They may even be able to convince these complainants that their drinking and drug use is actually quite normal and that they are overreacting by bringing it up. Loved ones hope and pray that this is true. They want to believe them.

A lone complainant is vulnerable and easily dismissed. The intervention group presents a united front that the addict cannot ignore. United, we can triumph. Together, we can light a fire that can change a life forever.

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