Drug and Alcohol Rehab Testimonials from Ocean Hills Recovery Patients and Families

Here are just a few of Ocean Hills Recovery’s drug and alcohol rehab testimonials from satisfied recovering addicts and their families after making the decision to get well at OHR.


OHR drug & alcohol rehab testimonialsHey!

I wanted to check in with you and let you know today marks ONE YEAR since I left Ocean Hills!

I’m doing very well. Been working as a bartender since October, which actually helps keep me sober because I am constantly reminded of who I used to be and get to see what I WOULD be if I had even one drink. I make a decent income, and I live in an amazing place and am about to move out in my own for the first time. I now own a car. I’ve got an incredible boyfriend that totally understands addiction (his sister is also a recovering alcoholic that works for a local rehab center) that I communicate with on a level I never thought I could achieve. On that note, I’ve improved the relationships i have with family and my dad and I are super close! I trust and love myself, my confidence level is through the roof, and every day is a good day!

By the end of 2014, I hope to be going back to school to study psychology. I also plan on getting a puppy once I’m settled into my new place (September). Bob and I are the best of friends and are a great support system for one another. He is such an awesome friend for this process of finally becoming independent and ‘all grown up’.

Thanks for all your help during my first month. I’ll never forget you!

In Gratitude,


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I have to thank you for saving my son’s life! Greg, Nicole, Holly and staff, they are incredible! With their help and devotion, Our Son and our family understand and have overcome drug addiction.

Lisa R.


OHR Testimonial (drug & alcohol rehab testimonials)Our 31 year old son has struggled with addictions for more than half of his life. He participated in numerous residential and outpatient programs. These programs taught Craig how to abstain, but just like a crash diet the effects didn’t last much beyond completion of the program. At Ocean Hills Recovery the clients learn how to live a sober life. They learn that they can go to ball games, to bonfires on the beach, to restaurants, to play softball and many other activities without using drugs and alcohol. In other words they learn to live a sober lifestyle. In addition, the warm supportive family environment provides comfort to all of the clients, especially those like our son who is working on recovery more than 3,000 miles from home. We are very grateful for all that Ocean Hills Recovery has done for our son.


Ocean Hills Recovery saved my life! When I arrived for treatment at Ocean Hills I was full of fear, shame and remorse. I did not want to be there and was skeptical about rehabs and treatment centers. When I was admitted into the program, John listened to my concerns, shared some of his experiences, and put me at ease while I started my journey towards recovery.

I don’t think a hospital, or a larger rehab setting would have worked for me. The personalization of care I received from the staff at Ocean Hills made my early sobriety bearable.

I learned how to have fun and enjoy live without drugs and alcohol. This was something that I didn’t think was possible.

The team at Ocean Hills have become part of my family, and to this day I cannot imagine my life without them!

Mark W.





Dear Greg:
Just over six months ago we had reached a point with our son, Jerry, where we were at a complete loss and did not know how to help him. We had the great fortune to have sent our son to Ocean Hills to enter the recovery program. Shortly thereafter, I had my first interaction with Joey Hunter.

Joey quickly held Jerry accountable for his actions. He refused to allow Jerry to dictate his treatment though that is what Jerry had been able to do at each of the previous treatment centers he had attended. Joey spent many hours counseling and guiding Jerry to do the right things for his sobriety. In addition to counseling Jerry, Joey also helped me by being a voice of reason in the crazy mixed up world of addiction.

As many parents of a loved one addicted to drugs, I continually buckled under pressure and allowed Jerry to manipulate me and any situation to his advantage. Our lives were torn apart and our family was in crisis. Wow, did we need a wake-up call! Joey provided that and did so in a way that was non-threatening and non-judgmental.

Over the years Jerry has had many drug addiction and mental health counselors. None of those other counselors would talk to us, not even to provide input that would help Jerry. He was able to manipulate every one of his counselors until he met Joey. I truly believe that Joey and the team at OHR saved my son’s life.

Jerry is now in Sober Living and continues to get counseling from Joey. My son is doing very well. He has 6 months of sobriety and has a full-time job with great potential for growth. I attribute Jerry’s success to his desire to change his life and the support and counseling from the finest counselor I have ever met! Our family owes Joey and the rest of the staff at OHR a great deal of thanks and we do believe that he and they saved our sons life.

Best regards,
Lisa R. McTear

PS Feel free to post my comments on your web page or quote me on any literature. I can’t thank Joey and the OHR team enough for what they have done. Rodney, Thurman, and Vito were also awesome! I am also willing to talk to any family member who is struggling and trying to decide where to send their loved one.”


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