Many of those struggling with addiction and mental health do not receive the proper care they need. This is largely due to financial barriers. Carelon rehab in Los Angeles is available to those who need it. Knowing and understanding the process of getting necessary help can be a catalyst for those who are searching for the right care for them.

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What is Carelon Insurance?

Founded in 2022, Carelon insurance is a goal-driven insurance provider striving to change the face of healthcare coverage across the country. There are over 150 years of combined experience in those who founded the company. Created from the word care and the suffix -lon, meaning complete, Carelon’s goal is to provide complete healthcare to those who need it. 

The goal is to provide care for the whole person. This is their goal across the United States, in all 50 states. As a subsidiary of Elevance Health with over 40,000 employees, Carelon insurance provides healthcare to one in three individuals across the country. 

Does Carelon Cover Addiction Treatment?

The short answer to this question is yes, Carelon covers addiction treatment, Carelon Behavioral Health provides care for a range of ailments including addiction treatment. Carelon rehab in Los Angeles, California is available to those who need it and the best way to find out the exact coverage of the insurance policy for an individual is to call. It may seem overwhelming, especially when someone is making the decision to end drug and alcohol addiction.

That is why at Ocean Hills Recovery, we take the footwork out of finding out the specifics for you. A quick verification can tell us exactly what a specific plan covers, and we can then move forward with the process of helping. Every policy differs, and we can find out specifics for anyone looking for help.

Based on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) signed into law in 2010, addiction treatment must be an option that all insurance companies offer. Whether through an employer or sought out by an individual, Carelon Behavioral Health is an option that all of Carelon insurance policies have in compliance with the ACA. 

With Carelon striving to provide whole-person care, they cover all facets of behavioral health, including treatment for those who struggle with addiction to substances. Providing care for evidence-based treatment options, Carelon Behavioral Health provides coverage for addiction treatment so that those who are seeking this form of help are able to get the proper care and begin to gain control of their life again. Detoxification and continued care are covered options and Carelon rehab in Los Angeles, California can be just a phone call away.

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Does Carelon Cover Mental Health Treatment?

In accordance with the ACA, Carelon Behavioral Health covers all facets of behavioral health needs, and this includes mental health treatment. From stress, anxiety, and depression management to trauma therapy and counseling, Carelon covers the needs of those who struggle with mental health. Every policy will differ, and the best way to know what exactly is covered is to ask questions.

Ocean Hills can help you through this process and take the confusing and overwhelming aspect out of this. When someone is struggling with mental health, they shouldn’t need to worry about finding things like this out. We can take that out of the equation, and get them the answers they need. 

Through Carelon Behavioral Health, a person can receive crisis solutions, and help for serious mental health concerns like suicidal thoughts and behaviors as well as panic disorders. Because Carelon strives to provide whole-person care, having options to treat the mental portion of a person is a part of their covered details. They offer the option to cover this in plans and knowing exactly what is covered can help an individual on their path to whole-person health and wellness. 

Carelon rehab in Los Angeles can also help those struggling with mental health. Whether it is depression, anxiety, or stress, we offer a safe and caring environment to help the healing process begin. Carelon insurance handles the coverage so that those who need it can get the help that they deserve, and begin living their life again with the proper tools to make it through situations that can be difficult while struggling with mental health concerns.

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Will I Have to Cover Anything?

Most insurances have a deductible. This is what the member is responsible for before the insurance will pay, whether in full or in part. However, this is not always an upfront out-of-pocket cost and should never be the reason that someone does not receive the care they need.

When seeking mental health or addiction help, most centers will help those who come to them by offering options for covering this expense. The verification process will help to grasp an understanding of what any one plan has as far as out-of-pocket costs, and the best way to find this out is by asking. Whether an individual calls and speaks to a Carelon associate, or reaches out to us for help, the right answers can be provided and then the person can begin to receive the care they need and want. 

Financials should never prevent someone from getting help. There are always options for receiving care that is needed without financial strain.

Carelon Rehab in Los Angeles, CA

Finances are the main barrier for those struggling with mental health and drug or alcohol dependence. Many don’t receive the proper care that they need in order to come out on the other side. This is why Ocean Hills works with those who have Carelon insurance in order to ensure that they have the opportunity to get clean and sober. This affords many the resources that they need in order to overcome addiction and mental health struggles.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction or mental health, Ocean Hills Recovery is available for help using Carelon insurance. Contact us today and begin living the life you deserve.