At Ocean Hills Recovery, we understand the importance of family inclusion during the recovery process. Family addiction counseling can greatly benefit a family unit. It can strengthen bonds and help to re-establish meaningful connections. We believe in providing a solid overview of what addiction is, as well as how we treat it.

Additionally, we want to allow families to come together to support their loved ones undergoing substance use disorder treatment. Family programming is a tremendous benefit to anyone receiving drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

family addiction counseling at Ocean Hills in Orange County, CA

We’ve composed a letter to help everyone understand our philosophy on the families of alcoholics and those with addictions. Furthermore, the letter demonstrates how important their roles are in helping someone achieve lasting sobriety. Our philosophy informs our programming during family addiction counseling.

Letter From Our Staff at Ocean Hills Recovery 

Dear Parents, Family, and Loved Ones, 

Welcome to Ocean Hills Recovery. Our program is aimed at the families of alcoholics and addicts as the first step on a lifelong path of freedom from addiction. Addiction is not a moral issue, but a chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal disease from which there is no known cure. This disease can be brought into remission, however. It can be prevented from exacting the ultimate price–in the effects of alcoholism or addiction on the family. Our goal is to assist you and your loved one in understanding and arresting this illness. Family members of addicts and alcoholics deserve the best information available.

Addiction is a family disease. All those close to the addicted person suffer. As your loved one recovers, it is important that you begin the process of recovery, too. You and your family member are now members of a team designed to support you through this difficult time and your recovery is our highest priority. As an active member of this team, your efforts will play a major role in the support of your loved one and in the recovery of the entire family unit. Remember, no program can be effective if you do not become an active participant. It is up to you to do the work!

Families of alcoholics and addicts need support. Recovery can be a shock for both the addicted person and their family. Your addict has been numbing their body and their emotions for a long time. They may be extremely uncomfortable for their first few weeks as their feelings begin to resurface. Family members may feel the strain of this discomfort in their loved one’s voice when they speak to them on the phone. They may protest against the process and the program and may put pressure on their family members to “rescue” them. This is completely normal. It is important, at this point, that the family and staff work together. By backing up each other’s authority and position, we can work as a team to reassure the addict that the pain will pass.

Knowledge is power. We hope that you come to understand that addiction, like other chronic illnesses, is no respecter for social position, personal achievement, intelligence, health, strength, willpower, or any other factor. It manifests in all walks of life. You will find that the effects of alcoholism or addiction on the family are a widely shared experience. You are not alone!

Honesty is essential. We ask that you be open, honest, willing, and teachable and that you take direction so that you can grow along with your family member. Allow us to help you to learn a new way of living, to enrich your life and the life of your loved one. By learning to communicate thoughts and feelings, listening, asking questions, and following simple instructions, you will be able to reform your family and your life.

Understand the effects of alcoholism or addiction on the family. Our drug and alcohol rehab staff is here to help the family members of addicts and alcoholics. If there is anything you do not understand or if you need our help, please do not hesitate to ask.

With warm regards,

The staff of Ocean Hills Recovery

Family Involvement in Treatment Programming

Addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In fact, it affects the family of the person with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. We recognize this and offer family addiction counseling that includes:

  • Romantic partners
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Children
  • Other relatives
  • Close friends

More progress is possible when everyone comes together to help someone they love to enter and stay in recovery. Each family member learns how to take responsibility for how they acted in the past. Then, they can make any necessary amends. Moreover, everyone learns how to communicate more effectively, strengthening the family as a whole. They learn how to break unhealthy cycles and establish positive ones.

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In short, family involvement creates a team focused on recovery as a goal and encourages bonding. This helps the person in recovery feel they aren’t alone in healing. It also helps their families have a deeper level of understanding of their experience.

couple begins family addiction counseling in Orange County, CA

How Family Addiction Counseling Affects Treatment Outcomes

When one person in a close-knit group changes, it often affects others in the group. In the case of a person making positive, life-altering changes by becoming sober, the entire family unit can become stronger. All in all, family members who partake in family programming learn to anticipate and avoid potential triggers that may arise for their loved ones.

This results in the loved one often engaging in less combative behavior because everyone has learned better communication skills. Furthermore, if any co-dependent relationships existed, family members can learn to terminate them. Individuals who have loved ones who participate in family therapy report they often feel more inspired to stay in recovery.

Additionally, families benefit by understanding any accompanying mental disorders their addicted loved one—and sometimes other family members—endure. This is referred to as dual diagnosis. Knowing how to cope with addiction and mental health challenges increases everyone’s ability to support their loved ones. 

Family Addiction Counseling in Orange County, CA

If you or someone you love suffers from the disease of addiction, it affects the entire family. Despite this, individuals who receive support from their families during the recovery process are less likely to relapse. Additionally, those battling addictions are more likely to embrace long-term recovery with family involvement and support.

Ocean Hills Recovery in Orange County can help people recover from addiction while incorporating family programming in treatment. Our compassionate staff helps everyone come together and build a healthier future as a family. We are here to help you heal.

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