Affordable Rehab Centers in California

Anytime someone considers entering treatment for a substance use disorder, a lot of questions come to mind. Chief among them is how much it will cost and if there are quality, affordable rehab centers near them. Ocean Hills Recovery in Orange County understands that people want proven care that helps them turn their lives around without breaking the bank. We offer multiple options for this type of treatment that helps people leave addiction in their past.

What Does Rehab Cost?

The cost of rehab covers a wide price range. Some programs offer luxury amenities at higher prices than average. However, effective, long-lasting treatment can be found at affordable rehab centers that cost much less. Each program has its own range of costs and staff can answer questions about them when a person contacts them. Some programs offer financing options or can direct clients to plans that provide financing to cover the cost of treatment.

People often choose to use personal loans or credit cards for payment. This allows them the ability to pay for treatment in manageable payments over time. While it’s understandable many people express concern about paying for treatment, the reality is that continuing with an addiction proves costly. The National Institute on Drug Abuse stated that addiction places a massive financial burden on Americans—a cost that is estimated to be over $740 billion every year.

The average person with a drug or alcohol addiction problem will spend thousands of dollars a year maintaining the habit. This cost can increase if they enter the legal system due to situations like driving while intoxicated or possessing illegal substances. Therefore, the initial money invested in treatment greatly offsets what the individual would have spent on drugs and alcohol for years and even decades to come. Becoming sober saves money in the long run. 

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Rehab?

People searching for affordable rehab centers typically wonder if insurance will cover the cost. Most insurance plans offer coverage for rehab and other types of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Insurance representatives will be able to answer questions about what coverage they offer. They will also inform you if they cover all or part of the cost.

Many insurance companies require that approval be given before a person begins a treatment program. This makes it important to talk to an insurance agent before committing to any treatment plan. For those who qualify, Medicaid also offers coverage for rehab, as does military insurance. 

The Costs Associated With Rehab

Rehab costs vary depending on what type of program a person enters. Residential programs cost the most because the person lives in a facility 24/7, typically for about 30 to 45 days. Detox programs also require that a person resides in a facility. However, those stays usually last approximately 5 to 10 days. Outpatient programs, which include programs that allow a person to attend appointments during the day while still living at home, incur a lower cost.  

Sober living homes provide housing for individuals in recovery from addiction who have completed an initial rehab program but are not yet ready to return home. The cost of sober living homes is often comparable to the cost of renting an apartment. However, the cost can depend on the amenities each home provides. 

Any needed medications can factor into the cost of rehab. Some people benefit from medications to help combat withdrawal symptoms and maintain sobriety. They may also require medications to help manage mental health conditions. How much the prescriptions cost depends on things like what medications are taken, the length of time they are needed, and any coverage provided by insurance. 

How to Find Affordable Rehab Centers

If a person or someone they care about needs to find affordable rehab centers for addiction, they often start by talking to their doctor or a counselor. Medical and psychological professionals can provide referrals and consult on what type of care might work best. Additionally, calling a person’s insurance company can further provide a person with multiple options. The insurance representative can present choices for treatment, as well as advise the individual on finding affordable care in their area. 

Ocean Hills Recovery provides detox, residential, outpatient, and intervention services that fit a wide range of budgets. We make a point of including loved ones in our treatment plans. Our Orange County location means we can serve millions of people who need our expert care in overcoming their addictions. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our programs, including our affordable treatment options and how to get started on treatment today.

Advantages of Local Rehab Centers

A primary factor that makes rehab affordable involves staying in a person’s local area. Rehab in the same city or a neighboring geographic area cuts down on the cost of traveling long distances. Local programs also offer family and friends the ability to visit the person in treatment without having to drive or fly a great distance. This proves important when someone stays in a residential program for an extended period of time.

While out-of-town areas might offer promising outpatient treatment programs, entering one requires the person to pay for local housing. Attending outpatient programs in their home area allows them to stay in their own homes while attending treatment during the day. Local rehabs offer connections to resources in the area, including support groups, certified counselors, sponsors, and aftercare programs.

Because addiction treatment continues long after a person completes an initial detox and residential program, local support becomes critical. Affordable sources near a person’s home allow them to take advantage of multiple types of help for the long haul. As a result, this increases their odds of avoiding relapse.

Affordable Rehab Centers in Orange County

Everyone looking for treatment for alcohol and drug addiction wants quality care but also wants to find affordable rehab. Ocean Hills Recovery offers effective treatment from trained professionals who understand how to help people conquer their addictions. We work with you to find the best options for payment, including understanding your insurance options. Contact us today and learn to live a life free from addiction.