improve brain memory naturall following rehab in california

Boost Brain Power Naturally After Leaving Sobriety – Rehab in California

Regain Lost Ability – Natural Brain Boosting Practices for your Sobriety

‘Everybody is a Genius’ – It’s a statement quoted from Albert Einstein, a man famous for his intellect, or to be more precise his brain power. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t need any assistance in unlocking our true brain power. As such, here are ten tips to naturally improve your memory and get your brain thinking in new ways to improve cognition.

  • Play Brain Games

Now, you might try to refute the quote ‘Everybody is a genius’ by giving a few examples of how you forgot your keys or even failed that math exam, but Einstein also stated that “…the person who uses his brain too little will fall into the habit of lazy thinking.” 

By playing games that feed our brain like a Crossword puzzle, Rubik’s Cube, and Sudoku, we ensure that our brain power improves steadily.

  • Exercise

Exercise, exercise, exercise, we cannot stress that enough.  Our body needs it and so does our brain. Exercising improves our blood flow. Blood carries nourishment and oxygen for both our body and brain! By exercising blood flow becomes faster and makes the transport of the nourishment and oxygen much more accessible for our brain.

You might argue that you don’t have time for exercise but even taking that stairs instead of that escalator on the way to your work or school is already an exercise. Instead of taking that shortcut, why not take a route which is just a bit longer. That way, as you go to your work or your class, you are also multitasking by fitting in that exercise together with your hectic schedule.

By exercising you not only make your body fit but also keep your brain in shape.

  • Drink Water

Water is essential. It hydrates our whole body especially the brain. Dehydration or the lack of water in our body causes a lot of problems. It impairs the function of our brain. It can prevent you from thinking properly, makes recalling information more difficult, and a lot more.

We need water to not only keep our body healthy but also our brain. By keeping ourselves hydrated we are more mentally alert that means we can focus and concentrate better on what we need to do. Our memory and blood flow to our brain also improves.

While caffeine does stimulate our brain it also has negative effects like making us more jittery and nervous. Thus it is important that we drink water instead of energy drinks to keep ourselves hydrated.

  • Limit eating Fatty foods

We say limit because we cannot avoid eating fatty foods. Let’s face it. It’s a guilty pleasure eating pizza, burgers, fries and other fatty foods. It is alright to indulge every now and then but not every day.

Fatty foods can plug your vessels and thus also limit the blood flow to our brain. If the blood flow to our brain is limited that means that the nourishment and oxygen delivered to our brain is also restrained.

Let us keep this in mind. Let us limit fatty foods before it limits our brain power.

  • Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Aside from keeping your body and organs healthy by preventing cardiovascular diseases, eating vegetables will also help retain the health of your brain. Eating vegetables and fruits helps improves the memory. Carbohydrates are essential food for the brain as well as the vitamins that we get from the fruits and vegetables.

  • Don’t skip breakfast

As they all say ‘Breakfast is the most important meal’. That is true, especially if you have a busy schedule or activities that require your brain power. If your blood doesn’t carry any nourishment, your brain will have a harder time functioning because it does not have the energy that it needs.

Breakfast is not only vital for your body to have the strength that it needs to function properly but it also gives your brain the energy that it needs to think properly. It makes thinking and concentration harder for the brain if you do not have the energy that it needs.

  • Sleep

Eating healthy is not the only thing that provides energy to your brain, sleeping properly is vital too.

Have you ever tried doing your work without or with poor sleep? Then you know how hard it is to even do your normal tasks properly while your brain feels like it is on a state between sleeping and awake.

Sleep is important because that is when your brain is sorting your memories about the events and your thoughts throughout the day. Sleep also revitalizes the cells in your brain. That is why if you want to have a clear and healthy functioning brain you need to sleep properly.

  • Meditate

If you find it hard to sleep at night because your mind is too active, then you can try to practice meditation to calm your mind. By meditating sleep will also come much easier.

Aside from its relaxing effect on the brain, meditation also helps your brain concentrate better. Meditation is also a great way to relieve stress. Your brain will be able to concentrate or focus better on the tasks at hand, by taking your mind off of the problematic things that trouble or stresses you. Stress can drastically decrease your brain power and meditation is a great way to decrease stress.

  • Sometimes You Need to Spoil Yourself

Eating a few chocolates, walking in the park, listening to your favorite music, watching your favorite movies, and talking to your best friend – these are great ways to reduce stress and boost your brain power.

Doing the things you love to do, in moderation, is a great way to reduce stress which causes mental aging. Depression also affects memory and that is why by keeping yourself happy you are also keeping your memory sharp and your brain clear. It can also disrupt your sleeping patterns and in turn keep our body and brain lethargic.

Doing the things you love is a great way to reduce stress and depression. Let’s keep our memory sharp and clear by keeping ourselves happy!

  • Self-Confidence

Make sure to carry yourself with confidence. Don’t doubt yourself or your brain power. Studies have shown that if you have more confident in yourself you are less likely to get depression and anxiety which could affect your brain power.


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