The Drug Detox Program at Ocean Hills Recovery Facility

California Drug Detox

If alcohol and drugs have gotten the best of you, maybe it’s time to concede to the fact that an effective inpatient drug detox program and rehabilitation is the answer for you at this time in your life. Detox has saved the lives of many hundreds of people addicted to toxic substances. When you surrender to the unique treatment approach called Collaborative Care provided by Ocean Hills Recovery you’ll find that you can put down the drink or the drugs and overcome the behaviorisms as well as the obsession that has you in its clutches right now. Collaborative Care is a cutting-edge treatment design that combines the bio-psycho-social model with 12-step recovery.

Ocean Hills Recovery’s program is Among the Best Drug Detox Programs

Oceans Hills Recovery offers a secluded place in Dana Point, Ca. where psychological treatment in both individual and group settings is offered to assist in changing the way you think and act so that the desire for alcohol and drugs is eliminated. The program is based on the 12 step program because it has been proven to work in changing people’s habits, which in turn changes their actions, which then changes their thinking process.

The staff is experienced in helping, both for inpatient drug detox and in drug rehabilitation. They know the characteristics of the addicted person and they also are familiar with the path of destruction that has been left behind on their way down the hill of addiction. Most addicts have lost family, friends, jobs, but most important of all, they have lost who they really are. Ocean Hills Recovery Drug Detox San Diego CA will help put all that back into perspective again so you can start life fresh again. The process doesn’t happen overnight, but if you admit there is a problem and you focus on the solution from the beginning, you are on the right road to complete recovery.

Detox and Treatment for a Fresh Start

Finding freedom from addiction doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process that takes time, patience, and hard work. Research shows that long-term rehab services significantly improve one’s chances of breaking the stranglehold of drugs. The longer the time spent in residential treatment and continuing care, the less the likelihood of relapse. 

At Ocean Hills Recovery, Drug Detox Orange County CA knows that recovery is a process, and admission into our detox and inpatient rehabilitation program can be a positive first step on your journey.

Healthy and Healing Atmosphere

Our inpatient program offers a safe haven for you to recover, free of distractions, triggers, and other circumstances that may create urges for you. This protective environment removes access to drugs and alcohol and provides a healthy and healing atmosphere that may allow you to thrive. With all negative factors removed, you can focus completely on building health and getting sober.

We Focus on Long Term Sobriety

Successful recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction often requires professional medical attention. Long-term sobriety takes time and effort. At Ocean Hills Recovery, you’ll work through a combination of different therapies, skill-building, and you will learn and acquire new tools to help you remain sober.

Around-the-clock Care

The constant care that we provide at Ocean Hills Recovery can help prevent situations such as relapse. Additionally, the support that is given by our staff at all hours can help with the more severe cravings and emotional stresses.


Realizing that a loved one may need more help than you can provide never comes easy. There have likely been disagreements, maybe some legal trouble, loss of a job, and more. When someone that you care about is abusing drugs and/or alcohol and refuses to get help, you need to do something about it. That’s where Ocean Hills Recovery’s Intervention services can help.

Our carefully planned interventions present an opportunity for the family and friends of the addicted individual to gather together and tell the person about the effect of their addiction and ask him or her to accept treatment. Our experienced interventionists have the knowledge and training to help families, friends, and coworkers participate in the intervention in a helpful, non-judgmental manner and effective way.

Co-Occurring and Trauma-Informed Conditions

We understand that individuals seeking rehabilitation treatment are often facing additional life challenges. Clients often have a history of trauma or possibly psychiatric disorders such as depression. These complicating issues must be stabilized for the individual to maintain lifelong sobriety. Our clinical team will work with the individual to uncover and cope with such issues to ensure they don’t get in the way of sobriety.

Ocean Hills Recovery’s Inpatient Drug Detox Program

The brain and the body don’t always move at the same speed. That’s especially true when an addiction is in play. While a person’s brain might feel ready and willing to focus on sobriety and healing, that person’s body might still be under the influence of drugs. Until the brain and the body are in sync, recovery will be very difficult to accomplish. 

Our drug detox program is designed to help. Through the program, you can safely clean your body of drugs and/or alcohol. Medication, therapy, and one-on-one counseling are used to help you through. 

What Are the Different Types of Detox Therapy?

Ocean Hills Recovery offers a broad range of effective therapies to treat drug addiction, and each of our therapies provides unique benefits to help you overcome your addiction. 

The Different Types of Detox Therapies:

  • Group therapy – This involves regular sessions where one or more therapists work with several individuals who are being treated for the same addiction.
  • Individual therapy – Private therapy is your opportunity to share and discuss problems that you wouldn’t be able to share in a group setting. This is the time that our therapist can dig deeper into the triggers that make you abuse addictive substances. 
  • Family therapy – Family therapy is very important to your continued recovery as loved ones provide a huge amount of much-needed support throughout your stay and after you leave our program. Family sessions will focus on ways your loved ones can support you, relapse prevention techniques, and education about addiction.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy that addresses self-destructive thought patterns and harmful behaviors. CBT helps you to change such thoughts and behaviors to overcome addiction.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) – Dialectical Behavior Therapy is a specialized form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy focusing on the patients developing skills for tolerating stress and emotional discomfort, helping them to understand and accept difficult situations while at the same time developing ways to change the behaviors that contribute to those situations.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) – EMDR is a trauma-focused therapy that uses non-invasive bilateral stimulation of the eyes to help you reprocess difficult memories and emotions, and develop healthier perspectives. We have a therapist specially trained in EMDR who performs this therapy for individuals that have a clinical need for it after longer stays in treatment.

Holistic Treatments

Holistic treatments provide a spa-like environment for a Zen calming and relaxing appeal. Holistic treatments offer mind, body, and spirit healing and in many cases involve yoga and massage.

  • Massage- Massage relaxes tension build-up and improves blood circulation.
  • Yoga-Yoga helps to boost your self-esteem and assists in improving strength. Yoga also helps to establish a mind-body-spirit connection.

A Drug Detox Program with Life-skills Training

Individuals will learn new and effective ways to communicate and handle day-to-day life tasks in our drug detox program. Group sessions may include working through things together. Often, homework is assigned. Individuals are encouraged to practice these new skills outside of sessions and then report back on what worked and what didn’t work. 

Staying Clean and Sober

Rehab doesn’t end when you leave our treatment facility. Staying clean and sober requires that you put to use those techniques you learned during rehab in your everyday life. These techniques include alternate ways to cope with stress, ways to avoid triggers, and methods to make healthy lifestyle changes. Our aftercare programs and family support are also important parts of staying sober after you leave our treatment center.

Whether you need intervention services, medically supervised withdrawals or therapy treatments, let Ocean Hills Recovery inpatient drug detox program empower you to save your future and begin the healing process.