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California Drug Treatment Program – Is Residential Rehab Right for You?

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Break Free from the Cycle of Substance Abuse with the Best Treatment

If your drug or alcohol addiction is spinning out of control and you are looking for a California drug treatment program in a supportive environment, you may want to consider residential recovery. There are a number of benefits provided by the Ocean Hills treatment program in an inpatient setting, including around-the-clock care, trained attentive staff, and a friendly, supportive environment. In addition, many people prefer residential rehab because it removes access to drugs or alcohol and makes it impossible to use these substances. We provide a variety of methods and programs to get our clients on the road to recovery and keep them clean and sober for the long term. 

A Fresh Start in a New Environment

One thing that can get in the way of starting a new chapter in life is being confronted by triggers in one’s accustomed environment. A person can make a firm resolution that tomorrow will be different, but when they wake up in the same bed in the same room, they are surrounded by reminders of their habit, from their familiar coffee mug to the stain on the rug. The environment that one is used to can reinforce habits because of the associations people make in their everyday life and routine. These associations can become triggers and reinforce habits. One advantage provided by residential rehab is that it removes the client from the environment that can reinforce habits and create a fresh start with new surroundings. Although, of course, the aim is to return to the familiar environment and the everyday routine, an effective California drug treatment program makes it possible to reclaim one’s life with the right tools to stay sober. 

The Right Tools and Skills for Coping

The forces of thought and emotion are powerful and affect the choices we make and the behaviors we engage in. The key to combating addiction is to take a careful look at thought and emotion and create a new focus and a way of coping that will make the use of alcohol and drugs obsolete. This can be a profound undertaking for someone who has suffered from substance abuse and addiction and requires intensive therapy. Residential rehab provides around the clock counseling and intensive treatment to help clients stay off of drugs and alcohol for good. The Ocean Hills drug treatment program provides a diverse selection of counseling and therapy options, including:

• Group and individual counseling
• Relapse prevention
• Life skills
• Gender specific group

Knowing that there is someone who can listen in difficult moments is the key to feeling supported and empowered to change one’s habits. Once the rehab stay has been completed successfully, there are many options at Ocean Hills Rehab for follow-up counseling and group therapy that can keep one on the right path and provide guidance on dealing with new reality. 

Effective Medical Help for Withdrawal Symptoms

Severe addiction does not involve just psychological dependence, but physical dependence. The racing heartbeat, cold sweats and feelings of anxiety are not just in the patient’s mind, but are real and can even be dangerous. Residential rehab is required for those with serious addictions that can involve life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, such as delirium tremens. Residential rehab is necessary for those who try to stop drugs and alcohol suddenly themselves and experience symptoms such as:

• Racing heart beat
• Suicidal thoughts
• Extreme anxiety or panic
• Severe hot and cold sensations

Unfortunately, for many people who try to stop using drugs and alcohol abruptly without treatment or medical care, the withdrawal symptoms can be unbearable and in some cases life-threatening. That is why it is important for those with severe addictions to consider enrolling in a residential rehab program that can provide counseling, support and medical care to eliminate the dangers associated with cessation of drug and alcohol use. The medical staff at Ocean Hills drug treatment program specializes in the care of those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and are quick to spot signs of problems and recommend the right treatment to deal with withdrawal symptoms. 

Freedom from the Stressors of Everyday Life

One reason many people abuse drugs and alcohol is the lack of effective coping mechanisms to deal with the pressures of life. The stress an individual can face can be overwhelming, whether the source of the stress is family problems, work pressure or financial difficulties. A residential rehab program removes people who suffer from addiction from the stressors that can encourage them to continue to use drugs and alcohol. In addition to facing withdrawal symptoms, facing the same conditions day after day at work and at home can cause one to return to drugs and alcohol as a way of dealing with stress and anxiety. A residential rehab program removes individuals from the source of stress and the ability to use drugs and alcohol. In addition, an inpatient treatment program provides counseling that can reinforce healthy ways of dealing with stress and alternatives to drug and alcohol use. 

A Pleasant Beginning to a Sober Lifestyle

Ocean Hills California drug treatment program provides medical care and counseling you need to get a fresh start on life. It also provides an array of services to make recovery easier and more pleasant, such as:

• Yoga classes
• Massage
• Art and music therapy
• Nutritious meals
• Special activities

Enjoy yoga classes that can help you focus on health and spirituality and stay in shape. Art and music classes allow participants to explore their creative side as a way of giving constructive expression to thoughts and feelings. The center also provides delicious meals that can improve health during the recovery process. Special activities may include movies or outdoor activities for an element of fun and relaxation. 

Effective Support for the Crucial First Steps
The most difficult phase of recovery can be at the beginning where support and care are crucial for success. For many, a residential recovery drug treatment program in California is the best way to get off drugs and alcohol at the beginning and develop the coping skills to stay sober long-term. Residential recovery programs create a new environment, remove stressors and provide counseling and medical care that promote health and a fresh start on life. Look into residential rehab to help you toward a healthier future and give you the support you need during the beginning phase of treatment. 

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