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At Ocean Hills Recovery, we know that each addiction is different and therefore each course of treatment will differ as well. What works for one patient, may not work for another. Our team works one-on-one with each patient to determine the best course of treatment. For some, this treatment is in the form of outpatient care. But, not all outpatient services are the same. This is why we offer an intensive outpatient program (IOP) in our California locations to help patients live a sober life.

With an Intensive Outpatient Program, patients will have access to therapies and counseling as well as the flexibility of living outside of the rehab.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)?

An intensive outpatient program is a highly structured treatment program where clients receive treatment five days a week for three hours a day. The program is done while the patient is living at their home or in a sober living environment.

IOP includes weekly one-on-one therapy sessions with a trained Ocean Hills Recovery staff member. Individual counseling will happen at least once a week for 50 minutes or more if needed. There are also physician visits one time per week.

Patients taking part in the Intensive outpatient program are expected to interact with the community independently during non-program hours. This is to challenge them by exposing them to many of the circumstances and/or stressors that may have contributed to their addiction. To live a sober life, they must learn how to deal with these situations and stressors when they arise.

Is IOP Available for Everyone?

Our intensive outpatient program is available for those battling alcohol or drug addiction. It is generally not recommended for those with severe cases of addiction or co-occurring disorders.

Ideal candidates are typically those who have a safe home environment or sober living home. This means the home is free of drugs, alcohol, or any other temptations. The staff at Ocean Hills Recovery can help you determine whether this type of program is right for you.

How Can I Benefit from IOP?

Most struggling with addiction would prefer to avoid interrupting their busy work and personal lives if possible. If you’re unsure if an intensive outpatient program is right for you, consider these benefits:

  • IOP Allows You to Maintain Your Routine

Patients can benefit from the intensive outpatient program because it allows them to live in the outside world while still receiving treatment. For some, receiving treatment as an inpatient resident patient is not realistic due to working circumstances or family commitments. By taking part in this type of treatment, they can still maintain their routine while getting the help they need. They can still hold a job and take part in family activities while receiving treatment.

  • IOP Teaches Real-Life Coping Skills

One of the main benefits of Intensive Outpatient Programming is that it aims to teach people to cope with the situations and stressors that may have contributed to their addiction. To remain sober, patients need to understand that these situations will still exist once they’re done with treatment. It’s how they deal with them that makes all the difference.

  • High Privacy Level

Other patients enjoy this type of program because it is rather private. They don’t need to share details of their treatment unless they choose to do so. For some, the thought of other people knowing about their addiction and treatment makes them timid.

  • IOP is Less Expensive

An intensive outpatient program can also be less expensive than inpatient care. Since you are living at your home, you don’t have the living expenses you would face at an inpatient facility. Meal costs and other expenses are not factored into the cost of an intensive outpatient program.

When deciding what type of treatment program is right for you, weigh the pros and cons. Also, speak with the experienced team at Ocean Hills Recovery. If you feel our IOP is an option that might work for you, we’ll help you work through the details. We can advise you about the best course of treatment for you to get sober and stay that way.