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People are Asking: “Does AA Work?”

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Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is the most widely-known 12-step program for those who are struggling with alcohol addiction. It’s known world-wide for its step structure, and for the many success stories from those who have gone through the 12-step program. But, does AA work? Or, is there a benefit to looking deeper at individuals, and their specific needs throughout the recovery process? Ocean Hills Recovery believes so and has found great success in their approach to their unique 12-step recovery program that combines several effective therapies.

Is AA The Only Way?

The famed 12-step program from Alcoholics Anonymous is a globally recognized, faith-based structured program that helps alcoholics live their lives without alcohol and the ravages of addiction. Success estimates based on peer-reviewed research, however, show about 5-10% of AA participants remain sober, while addiction experts cite between 8-10%[1]. Because of the anonymity of the program itself, it’s hard to say exactly without asking members. A membership survey done in 2014 showed[2] that 24% of surveyed respondents were sober for 1-5 years, 13% were sober for 5-10 years, 14% were sober 10-20 years and 22% were sober for 20 or more years.

Ocean Hills Recovery works to make recovery rates much higher with individual assessments and a program structure that doesn’t just focus on AA’s 12-steps, but whole individuals and their needs. In fact, a large-scale study published in 2006[3] showed that there is no single medication or treatment strategy effective in every case of alcoholism addiction, and therefore, individual treatment plans need to be just that: individual.

“Does AA Work?” Isn’t The Right Question

The caring and compassionate staff at Ocean Hills know how important alcohol recovery is, and how no two alcohol addictions look the same. Often the question “Does AA Work?” is asked, but Ocean Hills believes the better question is “What works best for each individual?” Whether it’s detox, counseling, pharmacological interventions, or a combination of several different things, the staff at Ocean Hills is ready to customize specific treatment plans that go well beyond the 12 steps and give recovery skills for a lifetime.

A 12-Step Program That Looks At Whole Individuals

The 12-step program that Ocean Hills uses is a completely unique program that was designed with individualization in mind. Its cutting-edge structure combines medical, therapeutic, spiritual, and psychological approaches to the treatment plans for clients. Whether a 30-, 60- or 90-day residential program, the staff at Ocean Hills works with clients to bring them through recovery from beginning to end and allows for adjustment along the way. The experienced treatment team uniquely designs this Collaborative Recovery program and tailors it to each client for maximum success.

The Ocean Hills Recovery Focus

Ocean Hills Recovery focuses on what will make an impactful difference in the individual’s life. After detox, the 12-steps they will guide you through will focus on more than just the steps—they’ll also be accompanied with counseling that will give coping skills and strategies to not only get through the steps of the program, but in life. With an emphasis on requesting help, making good choices, personal responsibility, apologizing to those hurt and staying away from those who hurt you, Ocean Hills knows that true recovery is attainable. They understand that before you can reach the twelfth step—helping others to come out of addiction and into recovery—you have to get there yourself.

The Steps to Recovery Are Available

That’s why they know your first step is the most important step: much like the first step in the AA program, you have to admit that you have a problem that you are not able to control yourself. When you do this, and are ready to acknowledge that there is someone who can help you deal with your addiction, the first place you’ll want to turn is to Ocean Hills Recovery. They’ll help you with an inventory of yourself and your needs so they can help you come to terms with how you became addicted, but more, how you’ll leave addiction.

And while you’ll have to be ready to face any negative traits that may have led you to addiction, you can be confident that the staff at Ocean Hills will work with you to replace those traits with healthy, positive ones that will lend themselves to you leading the life you were meant to live. Addiction free, and ready to spend the rest of your life healthy and in a position to help others.

The question really isn’t, “Does AA work,” but more, “Are you ready to get serious about recovery from addiction?”

Ocean Hills Recovery knows the time is now, and their program is the one for you. Contact them today to get started on a rehabilitation program that is custom-designed for you and your success. Make the call; they’re waiting for you to get your life back.






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