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Alcohol addiction is one of the most common and most destructive forms of addiction. An alcohol addiction can not only destroy your health and your body but also your relationships, your career and your reputation.

The good news is that help is out there if you are willing to look. offers a range of alcohol treatments to help you deal with your addiction and to give you the very best chances of a full recovery.

For those that have the time and the finances, we highly recommend our full rehab treatment, which will involve staying at our facility while we provide treatment. For everyone else, it is possible to pick and choose the alcohol treatment you want with our consultation. You can come and visit our San Diego facility and here we will get to work supporting and guiding you through your recovery.

Why Get San Diego Alcohol Treatment at

When you come to visit our San Diego treatment center, we are confident you will be impressed by the calm, peaceful and stunning grounds as well as the professional, caring, and helpful presentation of our staff.

This is a place of respite, of recovery, and of safety and we are here to guide you through what is likely to be a very difficult time. The grounds reflect this with their natural beauty and their quietude. This is a place of healing and we hope you’ll feel very at home here.

When you first get in touch with us, we’ll discuss your alcoholism and help you to find the best treatments for your particular case. There are many ways to treat an alcohol addiction but what is most important is that you take that first step: asking for help.

Alcoholism and the Damage it Causes You

Alcoholism is an addiction that is both physical and psychological. The physical side means that your body will have adapted to the large amounts of alcohol you have been supplying and will now function poorly without it. This can cause headaches, sweats, pain, nausea and more when you try to detox and remove the alcohol from your diet.

At the same time, alcoholism causes psychological changes. It becomes a habit and all kinds of things in your environment can become triggers that cause you for each for that glass or bottle. This becomes the default coping mechanism when things go wrong.

But with each glass, you are doing more and more damage to your liver, to your kidneys, to your heart, and to your brain. You drastically decrease your lifespan and you greatly increase your chances of contracting a range of serious and unpleasant diseases. Have you ever encountered a homeless person who cries and laughs without any reason? Who shouts obscenities at no one? That is most likely Korsakoff’s syndrome: a form of early-onset dementia brought about by alcoholism.

Not only this, but alcoholism can also place a strain on your family, on your friends, on your relationships, and on your career. It can put you in physical danger and it can cause you to come into conflict with the law.

Think about how your family and friends feel watching you make yourself ill. Think about how stressful that is for any partners or children in your life. Think of the burden you will place on them if you become ill. And think of the poor decisions you can find yourself making while under the influence. How long before you fall and hurt yourself?

For all these reasons, you owe it to yourself and to those around you to seek help. Alcohol Treatment in San Diego

If you decide to get alcohol treatment at, then we will take you through the process of discussing your options and we will present a number of methods you can use to get over the illness.

Some of the alcohol treatment options we offer include:

CBT: This is a form of therapy that involves looking at both the behavioral, learned aspect of addiction, and also the cognitive aspect. By looking at both these two sides, we can help to unravel the triggers for addictive behavior and help you to better learn to cope with life’s challenges without the need for alcohol as a crutch.

CBT is currently the most popular form of therapy among most health institutions. The reason for this is that it is non-invasive and it has been shown to be highly effective in a large number of different studies.

Group Therapy: Group therapy involves speaking about your problem with other addicts and getting support from people who are going through the same things as you. Group therapy is a highly powerful aid in recovery because it provides you with emotional support, it makes you feel less alone and it gives you accountability. You realize that you are not in this alone and that can make a huge difference to the speed and totality of your recovery.

Medication: We offer medication to help with the detoxification process. This can remove symptoms of withdrawal and it can help to prevent the reduction of the drugs on your system.

We are not a prescribing medical facility but we work closely with those who can provide you with the medication you need.

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