Choosing a Drug Rehab Center

Things to Ask when Choosing a Drug Rehab Center for Recovery

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Oceans Hills Recovery explains the important things to consider while choosing a drug addiction rehab. The right center plays a very important role in recovery.

Finding a suitable drug rehab is important in order to obtain the best addiction care possible. Here is a quick go-to list of things to ask when choosing a drug rehab. Some may seem like common sense, but having a list of questions all together here may help you if you are in the moment and drawing a blank on what to look for in a drug rehab facility for yourself or a friend/loved one. It’s not always easy to think rationally when you are making what is often an emotional decision.

The More Obvious Things to Ask When Choosing a Drug Rehab:

Is the facility clean and safe? If they cannot keep you safe during your stay (from yourself or outside threats), you should seek treatment elsewhere.

Do you feel comfortable with the care? We understand that rehab probably doesn’t feel comfortable, especially if you begin with detox, however, if you’re creeped out by a staff member or physician, you may be better off in another facility.

Does the facility have medical staff available at all times? It’s important to have medical staff available at all times, especially if you are detoxing. Detoxing can be fatal if not medically managed.

How long is the program? Many rehabs offer only short-term rehab stays, however, a long-term drug rehab stay may be more beneficial depending on your addiction history and condition.

The Less Obvious Things to Ask When Choosing a Drug Rehab:

Do they offer Detox services in house? Why is this important? If a person goes through detox in a standalone facility, will they make it to rehab? Or will they think they are OK and get back to their normal routine? Chances are, if a person goes to a standalone detox facility, they will not make it to a rehab program and will relapse quickly. If you have access to a rehab facility with detox services in-house, strongly consider that rehab over others that do not offer detox services.

What programs or options are available following an inpatient stay in order to prevent relapse? Does the rehab offer sober living arrangements? Do they host weekly meetings for their alumni to ensure they don’t fall into relapse? These are things that you may not be thinking about when you first check in, but you are entering rehab in order to get sober for the long-term, so thinking passed your stay is important.

Does the drug rehab have comprehensive rehab services? And who develops the treatment plan? What does comprehensive mean? In this situation, it could mean a wellness component that focuses on nutrition and physical health, or it could be that the rehab offers detox services along with inpatient rehab, or that the rehab offers dual diagnosis treatment, etc. Depending on your individual needs, your drug rehab stay should address things like nutrition, emotional/mental wellness, dual diagnosis treatment, and behavioral health. Drug addiction is complex, so a one size fits all technique may not be the best option for you. A great question to ask is does the rehab facility look beyond the physical addiction to a substance and dig deeper into the behavioral and emotional/mental attachment to a substance?

Is the drug rehab accredited? You may not realize that drug rehabs, like many other facilities, have standards for accreditation. If they are not accredited, it’s worth wondering why they aren’t. CARF offers one of the highest standards of accreditation for drug rehabs. If a facility is accredited by an organization such as CARF, they will have higher standards of care and are subject to quality standards for their business and services. This will lead to more services and even some additional comforts during your drug rehab stay.

What is the cost of the program and will my insurance cover drug rehab?While cost isn’t a comfortable thing to consider when seeking drug rehab help, it is often a barrier for adequate treatment. If the cost is prohibitive and you don’t have sufficient insurance coverage, it’s worth asking if the drug rehab is able to offer payment arrangements.


If you are entering into rehab yourself, you may not be able to remember these questions when seeking treatment, so feel free to bookmark this page on your phone browser, or forward to a friend or family member. And if you are a friend or family member trying to help an addict, please do the same. Finding the best possible care for addiction is imperative to drug addiction recovery.

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