Trends of Abuse with ADD Medications

Trends of Abuse with ADD Medications – Signs of Addiction

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Shocking Trends of Abuse with ADD Medications – It’s time to think before popping the pill

Find out how casual Prescription of ADD medication without a proper diagnosis can lead to long-term addiction problems. Understand treatment options for addiction.

When it comes to abuse with ADD medication, the problem often begins long before a child even visits a doctor’s office to find out what is wrong. Too often, teachers who like playing doctor, those that want a quick fix to a child’s classroom behavioral problems, may infer to the parents that their child has ADD or ADHD without proper diagnosis. Parents are often inclined to then visit the doctor with an agenda to put their kids on ADD medication, long before there is any diagnosis of the child even having the disorder by a trained medical professional. Before the office visit is over, one more child is typically put on ADD medication.

It can be a trend such as this, to help explain why drug abuse often begins at a young age and then continues into adulthood. Consider how difficult it would be for people to abuse ADD medication if everyone from teachers to medical professionals weren’t pushing for kids and their parents to have full access to many of these over-prescribed drugs. Of course, few, if any stop to consider how dangerous it is to allow teachers to hand out medical advice like candy to concerned parents who are desperate for an answer to their child’s behavioral problems.

Of course, ADD and ADHD medication abuse and addiction don’t always begin with children taking these medications. Sometimes older adults who are diagnosed with these conditions are prescribed drugs to treat their ADD or ADHD. Other times people simply buy a stimulant like Adderall off the street. Adderall is often called the favorite amphetamine of Americans, likely due to its popularity among college students. Of course, street dealers obtain Adderall through various means, such as from other students who milk their parent’s medical insurance plans or through military connections.

Sometimes a dependency on ADD and ADHD medication can arise as a result of doctors who use these drugs off-label to attempt to treat other conditions, such as obesity, depression, narcolepsy, and OCD, just to name a few. Often a person on a drug like Adderall can develop an addiction to this drug as a result of using it for purposes other than its normal intended use. For example, someone might use Adderall regularly to stay up late, since Adderall is a potent nervous system stimulant. If a person finds that they have begun to develop signs of Adderall addiction, it is important to seek professional help immediately. A call to Ocean Hills Recovery center can be a productive first step to dealing with just such a problem.

It is important to note that some individuals may legitimately need ADD and ADHD medications. But, this does not justify the pharmaceutical abuse committed by medical professionals, when they hand these drugs out like candy to anyone who asks for them. However, as with most drugs, ADD drugs have side effects too, such as nervousness, dizziness, insomnia, moodiness, fear, heart palpitations, and psychiatric problems. Popular medications, such as Adderall and Concerta are admittedly known to be habit-forming. Many people who have used Concerta report that it causes them to feel irritated and potentially aggressive. Signs that someone is potentially abusing a drug like Adderall or Concerta can be subtle or dramatic. Some people lose weight, experience a reduced appetite, get dry mouth and even experience convulsive episodes.

It should be noted that Adderall abuse can be potentially fatal as well. If a person finds themselves under the burden of being dependent on ADD and ADHD medications, Ocean Hills Recovery center has an innovative program to help people deal with and overcome their addictions. Not all addictions begin with extreme, detrimental signs of abuse and withdrawals, so be sure to keep an eye on your loved ones who are taking these types of stimulants to be sure signs of addiction or abuse are not prevalent. With a friendly warm staff and a family-like atmosphere, our California drug rehab center can help you reclaim your life again.

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