12-Step Rehab Programs and How They Work

12-Step Rehab Programs and How They Work

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12-step rehab program was originally initiated by Alcoholics Anonymous but is now used in drug and substance abuse treatment as well.[1] At the time of its creation, everyone in the United States believed in one definition of “God,” for the most part. Now the programs have evolved into what is now known as Collaborative Recovery at places like Ocean Hills Recovery, Inc.

The world changes every day, so it was time experts revisited the 12-steps as well. Below is a refreshed outlook on the 12-step rehab program and how it works.

What Is 12-Step Rehab and How Does It Work?

The 12-steps focus on combining medical diagnosis, therapy, psychological evaluation, and spirituality in a way that is completely adjustable and tailor-made for the individual at hand. In the past, the 12-step program has been known for its structural rigidity, but the professionals at Ocean Hills Recovery are trying to change that with their evolved outlook.

A foundation built on self-esteem and self-worth is recognized from the beginning because each patient is looked at as an individual with a case that it is as unique as they are. 

These customized drug treatment programs focus on each patients’:

  • Personal and Substance Abuse History
  • Learning Style
  • Response to Treatment

It is with this evolved outlook that the 12-steps complement the rehabilitation journey, but do not mandate it. 

The Evolved 12-Steps:

  1. Acknowledgment that you do not have control
  2. Believing there is someone that can help you fight your addiction
  3. Surrendering to the person
  4. Self-evaluate with the person
  5. Believing the things you’ve done are wrong and confessing to them
  6. Remaining open to your negative character traits being pointed out
  7. Requesting help to get rid of said traits
  8. Acknowledging you hurt others as well as yourself
  9. A willingness to make amends
  10. Removing yourself from bad company
  11. Continued self-assessment of your progress
  12. Help others with their journey

How It Works:

12-step rehab invites the patient to show up for him or herself. It invites the patient to take accountability for their life while fully immersing them in the way of living that revolves around self-care and mindfulness. It doesn’t just offer a way of coping with recovery. Instead, it’s is a step-by-step guide toward creating a new life for yourself.[2]

Part of the reason that makes the program so effective is due to all the other elements involved. The 12-step program isn’t the only tool that rehabs utilize in addiction treatment. The tools professionals choose in each treatment are unique to the patient, and his or her recovery process.

Some of the other tools in addiction treatment include: 

Many studies have been done over the years to research the effectiveness of the 12-step program.[3] It is proven to be effective for those who take advantage of all it has to offer. The world continues to evolve every single day, and it is safe to say the 12-step program will continue to evolve along with us. It is no longer seen as treatment specific to alcoholism. Instead, most rehabs that include the 12-steps offer it as a means of treatment across the board.

Treatment programs are evolving so much that we incorporate the 12-step program in addition to other treatment options as well. You can change the way you see your life with the help of this program and the others offered at Ocean Hills Recovery, just like so many others have before you.

The Ocean Hills Difference: Not Just Another 12-Step Rehab

At Ocean Hills Recovery Inc., our competent and caring staff work tirelessly to ensure the needs of each patient are met. Discover the freedom of an addiction-free life today by calling to enroll in one of our effective and life-changing residential treatment programs! Our staff has years of experience in treating addiction and use this experience to provide a unique experience for you. We offer drug and alcohol treatment, dual diagnosis, inpatient and outpatient treatment, detox programs, and so much more. Call us today!


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