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6 Signs You’re Ready for Addiction Treatment

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Fortunately, one of the best signs that you’re ready for addiction treatment California is that you’re here, reading this. Simply finding this on your own is a great sign that you’re looking to get your life back on track and get it back towards where it was before you started spiraling down this hole.

1. You Want Help; It’s Not Just Your Family and Friends Wanting It for You

If you did in fact search out this article on your own, you’re well on your way. Conversely, if a loved one gave it to you instead, that does not necessarily mean that you yourself are ready. As important as these people are in your life, you need to be the one to want to recover. Entering a treatment program solely to get them off of your back or otherwise stop bothering you is a significant sign that you might not be ready. However, with that said, you absolutely should take into account what your loved ones are saying as they can often see what’s happening to you and how you’ve changed with much greater clarity than you can. But you’re not truly ready for addiction treatment California until you want it.

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Ready for Addiction Treatment, Addiction Treatment California

2. You Want to Quit but Don’t Know How

This is one of the best signs that you are more than ready to push past this addiction and head towards and into the light at the end of the tunnel. Go ahead and get addiction treatment California and trust in those there as they lead you down the path towards recovery. Asking for help and acknowledging what you don’t know and need assistance with is a sign of strength.

3. You Experience Withdrawal Symptoms When You Attempt to Quit

When you start taking a drug, the highs are generally the strongest. Then they start becoming more and more difficult to reach without ever-increasing amounts of the substance. Of course, that’s how you get addicted: Your brain starts developing tolerance to what you’re taking, and getting drunk or high isn’t as much fun as it was before or simply isn’t fun at all anymore. Unfortunately, the result of this is that your brain starts needing the substance in order for you to even feel normal, and that’s when you know that it’s time to get help. Withdrawal symptoms are only going to get worse the longer you put off treatment.

4. Drug or Alcohol Use Is Now Your Top Priority

Are you obsessed with drug or alcohol use? Is it all that you can think about throughout the day? Is figuring out how to secure some more amongst your first thoughts upon waking? If you have prioritized drug or alcohol use over everything else, this is a tell-tale sign that you’re ready for addiction treatment. Think back to prior to when you started using. What were your interests? Are they still? Who did you love? Do you still? If the answer is no in nearly all cases, it’s time to get addiction treatment and back on the road towards having a much more well-rounded life.

5. You’re Experiencing Health Issues Related to Drug or Alcohol Use

This should be a huge wake-up call to you, that you’re now experiencing health issues related to your alcohol or drug use. Mental issues could include things like generally negative changes to how you feel, think and behave. Examples include depression and increased anxiety. Physically related issues depend on the substance used but can include damage to the brain, heart or liver or even contracting diseases such as HIV or hepatitis C. If some of this applies to you, unfortunately, harm has already been done. However, all is not lost as addiction treatment can help lessen or stop the damage from exacerbating and, in some cases, reverse it.

Other examples of issues related to a decreased health condition include repeatedly missing work because you don’t feel well as the result of hangovers or the effects of drug use.

6. You’ve Driven While Intoxicated or High

It most likely didn’t feel like it was a big deal at the time, and it may even still not feel like a big deal today, but if you have driven while intoxicated or high, even if you were never pulled over and nobody was hurt as a result, that is a significant sign that you’re ready for addiction treatment. You’re at a point where you’re taking significant risks, not only for yourself but also for everybody else in the vehicle and on the road, that you should never be taking.

Regardless of the reasons why you might feel ready to take advantage of addiction treatment, do make sure to ignore talk of hitting “rock bottom.” There is no such thing. “Rock bottom” is simply wherever you were when you went to get help and started pulling yourself back up. If you are ready, contact Ocean Hills Recovery today, and we’ll get you on the path towards recovery. Conversely, if you’re unsure if you’re ready or not, let us know, and we’ll help talk you through it.

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