90 Day Drug Rehab

90 Day Drug Rehab – A Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Treatment

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Private Financing for Most Treatments, Including the 90 Day Drug Rehab

Many people assume that drug rehab programs only last 28-30 days. However, thankfully, this assumption is wrong, because there have been studies to show that the longer a person is in an inpatient drug rehab program, the higher their rates of successful recovery. Many inpatient residential drug rehab programs have begun offering 90-day rehab programs in addition to their 30 or 60-day options. In fact, 90-day programs are quickly becoming the new gold standard in addiction treatment and recovery.

Why Choose a 90 Day Drug Rehab Program?

When a person begins treatment, there is a very good chance that they are not well physically. Abusing drugs or alcohol takes a tremendous toll on a person’s body. Often addicts come to rehab in a malnourished state and their brain chemistry is not working properly, either. They may have dental issues or even broken bones. This is in addition to the fact that the person may need to undergo detoxification. Choosing a 90-day drug rehab program will allow sufficient time for the body to heal while they begin to also learn the skills necessary to maintain sobriety.

A longer rehab program will allow time for the participant to not only learn the skills necessary to maintain sobriety but through various therapies, they will be able to uncover the reasons that they began abusing drugs and/or alcohol, to begin with.  The ultimate goal is to learn how to cope with those issues that led them to the path of addiction, to begin with.

In addition to the understanding that longer programs have been associated with higher rates of successful sobriety, long-term drug rehab programs are also associated with higher rates of employment and less criminal activity post-rehab.

This is particularly relevant in a dual diagnosis situation, where a person not only wants to enter into recovery for addiction but also has a diagnosis of a mental health disorder. Even if they do not yet have an absolute diagnosis, a longer rehab program will allow drug counselors and therapists to work more with the participant and do a very comprehensive evaluation. This will ensure that the person will receive the most appropriate treatment for not only their addiction but also for any mental health disorders that they may also be dealing with. Of course not every addict has a mental health disorder, but dual diagnosis is fairly common among people in recovery, so having a longer program may help to identify any hidden disorders that may have been missed in a shorter program.

By choosing a 90-day treatment program, a person is choosing to spend the time necessary to focus solely on recovery. This will allow for effective learning time where they will be able to experience a variety of treatment activities. Since every person is different, there is not a one size fits all approach to addiction treatment. If the drug rehab offers a variety of therapies, or activities, it would be beneficial for the participant to engage in multiple forms of therapy in order to find what works best for them.

In addition to choosing a longer program for your addiction treatment, it may be beneficial to choose a rehab outside of your home area. By traveling (it doesn’t have to be far) to a facility that is perhaps in another city or state, the participant is in a new environment, where they can safely escape from their existing world while they learn to deal with their addiction and enter into a time of rest, recovery and renewal. For example, many addicts opt to travel to Dana Point, California for their drug and alcohol rehab program. Ocean Hills Recovery is one of the top rehab facilities in Southern California and can provide the peaceful environment necessary to restructure life.

Choosing Your Path for Your Future in Recovery

If your goal is to remain sober for the rest of your life, the best gift you can give yourself is a long-term drug rehab program, such as the 90-day programs offered by Ocean Hills Recovery. If you are worried about your outside obligations, remember this: by committing yourself to a longer addiction treatment program, you are showing a long-term commitment to recovery. What’s more important than that?

Call a drug counselor today with any questions or to get on the road to recovery, today.

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