The Disease of Addiction An Illness Not a Character Flaw

The Disease of Addiction: An Illness, Not a Character Flaw

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Daniel Radcliff, Elvis Presley, Robin Williams, Benjamin Franklin, Adele – all extremely impressive individuals in their own craft. However, despite the awards, accolades, and inventions, each of these individuals has also battled with a drug or alcohol addiction. Simple information like this provides reminders that addiction knows no bounds and can impact even the most […]

Addiction is a Disease - Not a Moral Failing

Making the Case that Addiction is a Disease – Not a Moral Failing

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When you think about illnesses that are classified as diseases, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes may immediately come to mind. Why? Because they are often referred to as such in the medical community and among others. But, when you’re talking about drug and alcohol addiction, some may argue that they are not a disease, but […]

Heroin Addiction Recovery at Ocean Hills

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Are you or someone you love struggling with the relentless grip of heroin addiction? Heroin addiction can be an incredibly daunting challenge, both physically and emotionally. However, hope shines brightly on the horizon. At Ocean Hills, a premier drug and alcohol treatment center nestled in the serene surroundings of Laguna Niguel, CA, we are dedicated […]

support group discusses addiction in women

How Does Addiction Impact Women?

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Anyone can struggle with addiction, and women are not immune to these struggles. In fact, the impacts of addiction on women can be more severe than on men. There are a number of factors including social, economic, and personal history that can contribute to a woman struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol. Understanding how […]

A woman suffering from ketamine abuse.

Ketamine Abuse: Warning Signs and Withdrawal Symptoms

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Ketamine abuse is a dangerous realm to get into. Those stuck in the cycle of abuse and addiction can attest to the difficult nature of getting out of it. Ketamine is a potent, powerful drug that can get its grip on a person’s life and jeopardize it. Continuing on a road of addiction to ketamine […]

some of the top 10 deadliest drugs

The Top 10 Deadliest Drugs

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The top 10 deadliest drugs can have severe impacts on someone’s life. They can lead to addiction and death. Struggling with any of these substances can be harmful to someone’s health and well-being, as well as result in drastic changes in their relationships and life. Knowing these drugs and the dangers associated can be helpful […]

older woman with end stage alcoholism symptoms

What Is End-Stage Alcoholism?

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By name, end-stage alcoholism is the final level of alcoholism someone can reach. It is destructive, and usually, by this point, someone has been drinking for years. The body is affected in different ways, and the person who is struggling with alcohol may feel like there is no point in getting better. They may be […]

shame from a drug addiction

How Shame Fuels Drug Addiction

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Shame and drug addiction can go hand in hand. You may ask how these two things share a link, and that is a valid question. However, to understand the full spectrum of how shame affects and fuels addiction, you have to understand the differences between shame and guilt. You also must understand the impact that […]