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Addiction Recovery: You Are More Than A Diagnosis

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In today’s society, we tend to know people by what they do. Teachers, lawyers, managers, laborers; what we do seems to define who we are to those around us, and in society in general.

If you suffer from a substance abuse disorder, you may have sadly and mistakenly been known merely as an addict. You may worry about what those around you would feel if they knew you were seeking addiction treatment because you’ve come to believe that your addiction has taken over your life and is now who you are. Know that’s not the case; your addiction does not define you. You are in control of what defines you, and the staff at Ocean Hills Recovery wants to help you be who you want to be in this life.

Redefining Your Place in This World With Addiction Treatment

Though it’s a misguided notion, if you experience drug or alcohol addiction, you may believe that your life no longer holds the same value as one who doesn’t suffer from the disease of addiction. You’re often embarrassed about your substance abuse, and you slowly allow the misconception about addiction defining you take over your life. Perhaps you worry the stigma of addiction is too strong, and that even addiction recovery can’t change you’ve become because of drug or alcohol abuse.

But that’s not the case. Addiction is a disease, and the sooner you look into fighting against the stigma of addiction with addiction treatment[1], the sooner you’ll realize that you matter in this world and that you are more than a disease or a diagnosis.

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How Guilt & Shame Hinder Addiction Recovery

It’s human nature; of course, you want to be dependable and reliable for friends and family members. You never want to let those you love down. Sadly, though, when you’re in the throes of substance abuse, that tends to be precisely what happens. The guilt and shame of disappointing those you love make it easy for you to accept an addiction diagnosis as a definition of who you are.  

Drug and alcohol dependency and addiction leave devastating effects on you and those you love. You may find it hard to reconcile those feelings and get past the embarrassment and shame you feel for ‘bringing those effects on.’ The problem is that societal stigma you put on yourself can prevent you from seeking addiction recovery.

That’s where a caring and compassionate addiction treatment program will help you fight that stigma and help you realize you make a difference to people. Ocean Hills Recovery wants to help you to be the you that you were meant to be—to live the life you lived before addiction took its toll on your self-esteem and self-value. The staff at Ocean Hills Recovery will walk with you and help you battle the negative feelings drugs and alcohol have created within you. They’ll help you remember that you are worthy, and you are important and that you are more than an addiction[2].

Addiction Treatment Can Break the Stigmas

Seeking an addiction recovery program is the first step to not only taking your life back but also helps break the stigma of addiction that others may face as well. The professional and experienced staff at Ocean Hills Recovery Center will do all they can to help you live the life you were meant to live. They’ll help you learn how to show the world that addiction doesn’t define anyone. They’ll teach you how to stop punishing yourself, and how to be a positive influence and role model for others around you.

Instead of feeling that addiction controls your world, they’ll help you learn how to manage the addiction, and the negative feelings addiction has built inside of you.  There is no shame in seeking addiction treatment, and when you do and successfully gain your life back, you’ll show the world how strong and courageous you truly are.




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