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How Common Is It For Doctors to Steal Prescription Drugs?

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Society often sees doctors and other medical professionals as some of the best of us. They devote their lives to helping others and can work medical miracles when we need them most. However, they are sadly not perfect. Unfortunately, some doctors steal prescription drugs to cope with their job.

We go to the doctor when we are ill expecting them to diagnose the problem and prescribe the cure. However, who takes care of doctors when they are ill? Do they self-diagnose and self-prescribe? It turns out that is becoming more common, and some aren’t even using a prescription pad to help themselves.

Self-Medicating Medical Professionals

Doctors, nurses, and workers with easy access to addictive prescriptions are stealing prescription drugs at an alarming rate. In 2018, 47 million doses of legally prescribed drugs were stolen[1], and 67% of those thefts were by medical professionals. Their high-pressure lifestyle and easy access to highly-coveted pain medication make opioid addiction for these professionals more likely.

So, why do doctors steal prescription drugs? Unfortunately, these professionals often feel extreme shame and stress to hide their addiction given their profession’s reputation[2]. After all, if they can’t help themselves, how can they treat me? After admitting there’s a problem, their reputation makes it difficult to seek out a rehabilitation center within their own community. A confidential, luxury rehab center might be the best option for a medical professional struggling with a secret addiction.

All people who hide their addictions fear what will become of their life after they admit they have a problem. What makes medical professionals more fearful of taking control of their addiction is that control also means changing their career or facing their addiction every day for the rest of their lives. Most facilities will not employ doctors who have lost their previous job due to stealing prescription drugs. So, when doctors steal prescription drugs, giving into their addiction can not only ruin their lives physically but professionally as well.

Doctors and nurses see people every day who are at their weakest, so they feel they cannot show any weakness. They are quite literally heroes to people and that pressure to remain a hero in people’s eyes can lead doctors who are struggling with addiction to not seek treatment. In the long run, this only creates a bigger problem and can lead to a worse result for the patients they treat.

Getting Help

It is important to recognize that inpatient rehabilitation is essential to recovery for those medical professionals struggling with prescription drug addiction. Success rates are much higher for individuals who remove themselves from their triggers for some amount of time. A calm, stress-free, and medically supervised rehabilitation facility is great for this – and Ocean Hills Recovery can help.

Ocean Hills Recovery, a luxury rehabilitation center, specializes in inpatient treatment that is customized to the length necessary for the patient. The personalized, confidential care that they provide ensures a recovery plan that is centered around the needs of the patient. The caring staff at Ocean Hills Recovery can help any person overcome their addiction, but their honest, “Collaborative Recovery” approach is particularly suited to medical professionals seeking distance and support as they get back to the confident, strong person they were before their addiction.

If you or someone you know is struggling with professional drug abuse or addiction, give Ocean Hills Recovery a call today before it’s too late.




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