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It’s no shock that the majority of clients choose to go to alcohol and drug rehab near San Diego because of the relaxing and alluring environment associated with the area. Ocean Hills Recovery is located in one of the most desirable beach communities in all of Southern California, Dana Point, so you can imagine there is no shortage of beautiful beach atmosphere and magnificent scenery in our neck of the woods. Here, nestled between Los Angeles and San Diego, clients are able to escape the rampant drug use that is often so prevalent in large metro areas. With a small population and slower way of life, our location offers a healing escape that feels thousands of miles away from San Diego. By escaping the city environment and all the distractions it poses, clients are able to focus 100% on their treatment plan. Clients are able to enjoy free time at the beach, where they can swim, surf, and enjoy the outdoors.

Power of the Sun

Whether it’s prescription drugs rehab, or any other form of treatment, regardless of location, programs are intended to promote healing as you overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. However, Ocean Hills Recovery gives our clients the opportunity to experience treatment in a place where you can take advantage of clear skies, bright sun, and an overall sense of happiness that can only come from such a climate. While there are no disadvantages to going through addiction treatment in other climates, there are numerous benefits to having warmer, sunnier weather as the setting for your recovery. It has been proven that sun exposure has a large and positive impact on our overall health and well-being. The sun helps to create a general feeling of happiness that contributes to overall health by producing vitamin D, an essential vitamin that our bodies need for optimal health. For this reason, getting sun is a potent ingredient in promoting health and wellness, which is what drug treatment and alcohol rehab in the San Diego area are really all about. The truth, when it comes to treatment centers in warm weather, is that if you are serious about getting better in the healthiest and most supportive way, then getting care in the warm climate of California is an excellent way to go. A little bit of sun and warm weather exposure can do a world of good for you.

Along with the soothing and tranquil setting of Southern California, our clients receive highly individualized treatment plans that are tailored to suit their unique needs. They receive all the tools necessary to go on and live lives filled with meaning and purpose and recapture the simple joy of living. Our California alcohol treatment is in-depth and has very high success rates. If you have questions regarding treatment for alcohol and drug rehab in the San Diego area, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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