Best Alcohol Treatment Centers in Orange County

Finding the Best Alcohol Treatment Centers in Orange County

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Addiction can be damaging not only to you, but to those around you. Ocean Hills Recovery offers top-rated alcohol treatment programs in Orange County.

Alcohol Treatment is Within Reach for Those Seeking Help in Orange County 

The preferred alcohol treatment centers of Orange County, Ocean Hills Recovery is committed to helping individuals from all walks of life, who continually battle addictions to alcohol, find hope and empowerment. Through the years, our treatment professionals found that it was necessary to pioneer a new, comprehensive approach to dealing with addiction.

By combining what has traditionally worked best under the tried and true 12-step recovery program, with the advanced, multi-faceted approach afforded through the bio-psycho-social model, we at Ocean Hills Recovery have created a new form of addiction recovery and rehabilitation.

Inventing a New Approach to Treating Addiction

After all, addiction is a complex, multi-layered disease that requires highly specialized dual diagnosis programs. The result: Our unique Collaborative Recovery system is a combination of both the traditional 12-step method of recovery, and the complex bio-psycho-social model.

To ensure everything is being done to provide our clients with the most effective rehab available, our staff employs personalized treatment that is tailored to each individual. Indeed, when assessing each and every one of our clients’ unique situations, we consider all possible avenues in order to treat every toxic or unhealthy element within the addicted person’s life.

Inclusive, Comprehensive Treatment

Therefore, we have found that our treatment program is made even more effective by including family. Although it is often true that families of alcoholics seek to hide their problems from the world around them, choosing to deal with the dysfunction internally, groups affected by the powerfully destructive disease of addiction should not deal with the problem by themselves.

Alcoholism is a serious problem and is commonly viewed as a serious disease that can ruin the lives of both the sufferers and their family and friends.

Fortunately, you can find freedom from your addictions with the help of the trained treatment professionals of Ocean Hills Recovery.

Effective Alcohol Treatment Centers in Orange County

Our dedication to providing personalized treatment to each and every one of our clients carries over to our variety of treatment options. Patients may choose to sign up for alcohol addiction treatment for the duration of 30, 60 or 90 days.

By providing a warm, caring atmosphere and a new, advanced form of addiction recovery treatment, our staff has created the perfect environment to help those who battle alcoholism obtain effective tools for dealing with their disease and once again enjoy peace of mind.

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