Alcoholic Intervention in California

Alcoholic Intervention in California – When is the Right Time?

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Successful Alcohol Intervention and Personalized Approaches for Families

 At Ocean Hills Recovery, our intervention specialists provide professional intervention services to help get your loved ones the right treatment.

For a loved one or friend of an addict, you may feel that the time may never be the “right time” to host an alcoholic intervention in California. You may think that the person will learn from their mistakes and stop drinking so much. You may tell yourself, or others, that once the person sees how they are hurting others around them, they will stop drinking. You may honestly believe those things and have good intentions, however, the truth of the matter is the time to intervene is now. Not after the Holidays or after the next night of binge drinking, as that may be too late.

Alcohol abuse can cause numerous health complications such as liver disease, anemia, cancer, heart disease, dementia, depression, seizures, gout, high blood pressure, nerve damage, pancreatitis, and because it suppresses the immune system, it increases the risk of contracting infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Recently, studies have indicated that 1/3 of all completed suicides involved heavy alcohol use before the attempt. Alcohol, a depressant, alters brain chemistry, which means it disrupts the balance of the user. It affects their actions, thoughts, and feelings. For someone who is or has ever contemplated suicide, alcohol may be the driving force behind the ultimate decision to attempt suicide. If someone is depressed to begin with, then begins to abuse alcohol, a more severe depression may occur, which could ultimately lead to the decision to take their own life.

In addition to self harm, a person that drives while intoxicated risks injuring or even killing others if they cause an accident. Even if they aren’t the direct cause of the accident, alcohol increases the response time of the user, which could lead to a more devastating injury or death for someone else.

Why Should I Intervene Now?

People often think that the person in need of help needs to reach “rock bottom” before they will be accepting of the assistance to become sober. When you read the above potential disastrous outcomes of alcoholism, can you really risk waiting for that moment? If you could have known that your friend or family member would commit suicide, would you step in sooner to help them get the assistance they need? If you could have known that your friend would eventually get cancer because of their chronic heavy drinking, would you step in today? If you knew that your friend could end up in jail for vehicular manslaughter because of their drinking, would you set up an intervention now? Would you contact other friends and loved ones to see what you could do to get them treatment?

We live our life often asking ourselves, “what if?” One of the worst “what if’s” for someone who loves an alcoholic is, “what if I had done something sooner?” Don’t regret not stepping in to lend a helping hand. Contact an addiction counselor today to start the process of helping your friend. The time to help is now.

Alcohol Intervention in California Using Tested Models

Ocean Hills Recovery Intervention Specialists – Reliable Assistance with Alcohol Intervention in California

Staging an alcohol intervention in California with Ocean Hills Recovery is the most effective approach you can take. We offer families the support they need to heal.

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