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Balancing Outpatient Treatment for Your Addiction

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The idea of leaving your life and responsibilities behind to begin your road to recovery may sound unrealistic, but that’s not always the only option. There are treatment solutions available that can allow you to continue working, going to school, among other obligations, while still getting the professional help you need for your addiction. An outpatient addiction treatment program may be an excellent fit for your needs if you are willing to commit yourself. Understanding the process and learning tips to balance your schedule can help you complete treatment with the best results possible. Ocean Hills Recovery aims to help you set yourself up for a successful addiction recovery journey. 

 What is Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

An outpatient treatment program is an option that allows patients the ability to sleep in their own homes, continue attending work or school, and meet other responsibilities while receiving treatment for addiction. Those who do not need to participate in an inpatient recovery program may enjoy the flexibility of outpatient solutions. Your commitment to the program and your sobriety will include scheduled treatment times throughout the program length. These sessions are similar to those offered for inpatient programs but coordinate around your other obligations. The frequency of the visits is dependant on your individual needs. These scheduled visits may include appointments to monitor any medications that may be part of the treatment plan, sessions with a counselor or therapist, or other treatment types like art therapy. 

Helpful Techniques to Balance an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

One of the many reasons outpatient treatment programs work is because they provide patients with accountability. Although you will likely have the opportunity to schedule treatment sessions around your work schedule or other obligations, we expect you to show up at these scheduled times. Learning to balance your new addiction treatment plan with your other responsibilities may be challenging at first. However, you are committed to yourself and must prioritize your recovery.

Consider the following suggestions to help you achieve balance with your outpatient treatment.

Establish Your Support System

Share the news of your recovery journey with close friends or family. Having a solid network of supportive loved ones can help keep you accountable and help you find success. Call on them whenever you stumble onto challenging times or need extra support. 

Care For Yourself

Although you may have others to care for at home, among other responsibilities, it’s critical to care for yourself first. The outpatient program will only work if you meet all your personal needs. That means getting enough rest, eating nutritious foods, engaging in exercise, taking time to relax, and connecting with a recovery support network. 

Set Appointment Reminders 

You may schedule all treatment dates and times at the beginning of your outpatient program or plan each subsequent visit at the end of the last. Regardless of the method, you must record all treatments to ensure you attend them. Write down each session in a planner or set reminders on your phone calendar. Choose a method that will help you remember when and where to arrive. 

Confirm Reliable Transportation 

Confirm that you have a way to get to the recovery facility for each of your treatment sessions. Have backup ways of getting to your appointment in case one fails.

Secure Child-Care

Be sure to have reliable child-care and backup methods aligned in case anything should happen. Doing so will guarantee that you make it to all treatments and stay on track.  

Verify Insurance Coverage

Before beginning your outpatient addiction treatment program, it’s essential to reach out to your health insurance carrier. Confirm your content for the program, so you’re not surprised by any out-of-pocket expenses down the line. 

Confide In Your Boss, Professors, or School Counselor 

Let them know that your recovery is your top priority and you’ve committed to schedule treatments as part of the outpatient program. Talking to individuals can ensure that your work or class schedule will not change to interfere with your scheduled treatments. 

Personalized Treatment with the Flexibility You Need at Ocean Hills Recovery

Many patients find success with outpatient treatment options—your results depend solely on your commitment to your road to recovery. By planning and balancing your responsibilities, personal needs, and scheduled treatment sessions, you can break the chains of addiction. To learn more about outpatient addiction treatment solutions, contact Ocean Hills Recovery today.


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