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California Residents: Drug Rehab Starts with Wanting Help

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Beating A Drug Addiction May be One of the Hardest Things You Will Ever Do – It Starts With Admitting you Need Help

Recovering for drug and alcohol addictions takes a lot of commitment, determination and motivation. It requires being dedicated to creating a better life for yourself and realizing that there are going to be a lot of uphill battles; but rest assured, every minute of your struggle toward sobriety will be worth it.

While there are sure to be struggles along the road to sobriety, perhaps the biggest struggle is actually admitting that you have a problem and need help in the first place. Though it may sound cliché, attaining sobriety starts with you first wanting to get help. Unfortunately, that’s a lot easier said than done…

Why It’s Hard to Admit You Have a Problem

While it may seem obvious to others that you are addicted to drugs and need help, it may not seem so obvious to you. But why is that? How is it possible for others to see it, but you, the person who is actually dealing with the addiction, can’t? Here are just a few reasons:

  • You are preoccupied with the drug. Whether it’s cocaine, heroin, pain killers, alcohol or any other drug, you are so focused on the drug that you fail to see how it is affecting all aspects of your life, including your family, friends, work, and your health and well-being.
  • You truly don’t think that you have a problem. You view your drug of choice as something that helps you in some way; it makes you funnier, more relaxed, helps you cope with stress, etc. When you view the drug as a tool for making you better, it’s hard to see it as something that is hurting you.
  • You truly believe that you can stop using the drug anytime you want to. You think that you are only using it by choice, which can make it hard for you to see that you are actually addicted to the drug.
  • You think that admitting you have an addiction is a sign of weakness, and the last thing you want to do is let anyone – including yourself – know that you are weak (as far as drugs are concerned, anyway.)

The Signs of Addiction

It is often said that the first step in getting treatment for a drug addiction is admitting that you need help, but there is a step before that: understanding and noticing the signs of addiction. You can’t very well admit that you need help if you don’t think that you have a problem in the first place.

Some of the biggest signs of addiction include:

  • Being completely preoccupied with the drug. You are so focused on getting the drug and your next high that it’s the first thought that enters your mind in the morning and it’s all you think about until you get high. And then, when you are coming down, your immediately start thinking about getting high again.
  • You are letting other parts of your life go because of the drug. Your relationships are failing, you aren’t going out as much as you used to, you aren’t concerned with your physical appearance and your home is far from clean. The drug has become your entire focus, and you are OK with that.
  • You have developed a high tolerance. The more you use a drug, the more your body becomes accustomed to it. As a result, you will have to use more of it in order to actually feel the effects. This is not only a major sign of addiction, but it’s also a sign that you are in serious danger.

You Need Help: Now What?

If you are ready to admit that you need help, you may be feeling scared, nervous and unsure. It’s completely normal to feel all of these emotions. It’s not easy to admit that you are addicted to drugs; however, take comfort in knowing that admitting you need help is one of the best things that you can do to get over your addiction and get your life back. Getting the drug treatment you need starts with you wanting help first, so be proud of yourself for actually acknowledging that you have taken such a huge step.

Once you have determined that you are ready to seek help, you are likely wondering what happens next. Here are some tips that can help you get the help you need, get on the road to sobriety and start getting your life back:

  • Ask for help. It may seem hard to do, because asking for help may make you feel like you are weak. Understand that the opposite is actually true: asking for help actually makes you strong! Everyone needs help from time to time, and asking for it is the best way to get it.
  • Start looking for treatment options. From inpatient and outpatient rehabs to 12-step programs; there are a lot of treatments available to help you overcome drug addiction. There are several factors to keep in mind that will help you determine which option is best for you, including your level of addiction, your personal needs and other obligations that you have to fulfill.

Getting the drug rehab you need starts with you wanting help first. Once you acknowledge that you want help, with commitment, determination and hard work, everything else will fall into place and you will be able to get your life back and attain a life of sobriety.

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