Celebs Who Got Sober in 2018

Celebs Who Got Sober in 2018

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The lifestyles of the rich and famous can often be associated with lavish parties, complete with an epic amount of drinking and consumption of other illicit substances. But not all celebrities live a lifestyle which is fueled by drugs and alcohol, as this particular lifestyle can become tiresome and destructive over time.

It’s no secret that substance use can destroy a person’s health and relationships, and this is no different for individuals who find themselves in the spotlight. In fact, there are a number of celebs who got sober in 2018. Here are a few of the more prominent examples:


Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, recently reached a milestone in April of 2018, hitting the 10-year mark of sobriety. The renowned rapper almost died from an accidental overdose of the drug methadone in 2007. Making the decision to turn his life around and use this near-tragedy as a life-lesson, Eminem entered rehab and hasn’t looked back. The artist has remained near the top of the music world, headlining the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2018.

Ryan Adams

The prolific singer-songwriter revealed at the end of December that he had recently celebrated two months of sobriety. In a tweet, Adams posted a selfie along with a 60-days sober token to let his fans know of his decision to live a sober life. Adams stated “2018: you brought me to my knees. It turns out that’s where I needed to be: in prayer for everyone here or lost. In these trying times, God bless everyone struggling or on the path to empathy, kindness and recovery.”

Adams had publicly slammed his ex-wife Mandy Moore earlier in the year, stating “she didn’t choose the right person” when the couple married back in 2009. In another tweet, Adams stated “She didn’t like the Melvins or BladeRunner. Doomed from the start … If only I could remember the start lol,” an apparent allusion to his level of substance abuse. Adams eventually apologized and later opened up about his substance abuse issues. He has made it a point to invite his fans along for his journey into sobriety, encouraging people to reach “for the light and keep the faith.”

John Mayer

This guitar virtuoso and heartthrob recently opened up about his sobriety during an interview with Complex. The musician stated he hadn’t had a drink since the artist Drake’s 30th birthday nearly two years earlier. Mayer stated he had made a fool of himself and suffered a six-day hangover in the aftermath of the party. The singer stated his position on drinking in an eloquent and thought-provoking manner stating “If you look at drinking the way you would look at anything else, which is risk-reward, what am I giving up? What am I getting? It’s some of the worst odds that ever existed.”

Lena Dunham

The actress and star of the HBO comedy “Girls” revealed during a podcast with Dax Shephard that she had joined the list of celebs who got sober in 2018. The creator of the hit series stated that she had struggled with an issue of misusing prescription pill and had kept her addiction hidden from the public eye. During the October 29, 2018 interview, Dunham discussed the fact that she had been sober for over for over six months.

The actress’s struggle with substances was something she knew she had to deal with. “My particular passion was Klonopin. “I do see the way that the way I medicated myself negatively impacted people around me and decimated my decision-making and hurt my creativity,” Dunham stated. During the interview she discussed how this decision has provide a newfound sense of gratitude. “I just feel, like, literally on-my-knees grateful every single day.”

Getting Sober

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