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Choosing A Rehab Facility

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Choosing a rehab facility is one of the most important things anyone who struggles with drugs or alcohol can do for themselves. With so many options, how does someone ensure the one they go to is right for them? There are some things to look out for when looking to choose the best place to go. Understanding the differences in each facility, what they offer, and how they can address someone’s specific needs is crucial to ensuring that the chosen facility will lead them, successfully, through to a life of recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

What Makes a Good Facility?

When choosing a rehab facility, what makes a “good facility”? Not all rehabs are created equally, and not all of them offer the same programs.

Questions about what makes a good facility can include things like:

  • What types of therapeutic programs does the facility have?
  • Does it address someone’s specific needs?
  • Are there trained and qualified professionals on staff to address medical and mental health conditions and symptoms?
  • Are they accredited with the governing bodies of the substance use fields?

These are all things to look out for when looking into choosing a rehab facility to help make the recovery process easier and healthy. 

Many times, those who struggle with substance use also have some underlying mental health concerns. This is known as dual diagnosis. Many rehab facilities offer help for both, and having the option available never hurts when it comes to overcoming drug and/or alcohol addiction. Keep this in mind when choosing a rehab facility.

A Person’s Needs Vs What Is Offered

Sometimes, when choosing a rehab facility, someone may find the facility may offer things that seem enticing but are not necessary to heal and grow during recovery. When it comes to picking the right place, and getting through the horrors that addiction can cause, these enticing activities advertised aren’t necessarily the only things someone may need to begin the healing process. 

The extras are nice and can help someone see that they can have fun and enjoy life in recovery, but when it comes to it, choosing a rehab facility that addresses a person’s needs and promotes the healing process can be more beneficial. What forms of therapy and programs does a facility offer?

If someone needs a specific form of therapy or would want to try it out, is that offered at the facility? Does the facility offer medical staff to address any health concerns? Are there mental health professionals on staff to get through the inevitable mental health concerns that could, even temporarily arise?

Making a list of things one needs from the facility they choose can make this process a little easier, and asking questions can be the easiest way to find the answers. 


What does this mean? Well, accreditations are approvals from the governing bodies of the industry. Both the Joint Commission and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities are nonprofit organizations. They base these approvals on industry standards, results of any specific facility, as well as value and quality of care provided. There is a difference between the state licensing and accreditation of these two organizations.


The Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities (CARF) works worldwide when requested by health and human services providers. This means they inspect and provide accreditations to a wide range of facility types. Whether it is physical rehabilitation, substance abuse rehab, or some sort of home and community service, facilities with a CARF accreditation have gone through a long process of being vetted and meeting the standards they have set for the services provided. They are some of the best to look at when choosing a rehab facility.

Joint Commission

The Joint Commission is a nonprofit organization that focuses on improving healthcare. From advancing safety to encouraging and supporting facilities as they embrace and integrate any changes in standards as time passes. Choosing a rehab facility should include looking for this accreditation as they ensure that the facility meets safety and healthcare standards.

Experience, Success, and Testimonials

Experience in the treatment of substance use disorder is crucial when choosing a rehab facility. Looking through the services offered, and the success testimonials from past clients can help to shed light on this. Reading what past clients have to say about the rehab facility can help the process of choosing the right facility for you. 

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