Excuses For Not Attending Rehab

The Most Common Excuses For Not Attending Rehab (Part 1)

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Common Excuses for not Attending Rehab – No Excuse good enough

Have you ever spoken to an addict about getting sober, only to be met with a laundry list of excuses? Or perhaps you are the one giving those excuses? Either way, here we will highlight some common excuses for not attending rehab and hopefully provide some help in getting past the excuses and getting on the road to recovery.

Excuse #1. Rehab is expensive.

Many rehabs accept insurance and many also offer payment plans. When someone gives finances as a reason for not attending rehab, it may be worth asking them, “How much money are you spending on drugs or alcohol? Don’t you think that money would be better put to use by getting sober?” Maybe the person doesn’t realize how much they are really spending on their drugs or booze. But ask them to think about how much they spend per week and then figure out what they will spend in a year. Once tallied up, you both may be astounded as to how much money is wasted on drugs or alcohol. Recovery CAN last a lifetime, but it takes work on the part of the addict and those working with the addict through their recovery journey. Working with a professional rehab staff is priceless… and if you’re not from the area, a California rehab like Ocean Hills provides a scenic and calming atmosphere that is well worth the cost.

Excuse #2. Rehab takes too long. I have obligations to work, family. What about my dog? They need me.

Key phrase there? They need me. They need you to be healthy and drug or alcohol free but most importantly, they need you to be alive. What happens if you OD? What happens if you get into an accident while under the influence? What happens if you get arrested? What happens if you die? Now ask yourself this: Does 30, 60 or 90 days away sounds better than an eternity?

Excuse #3. I’m not addicted. I like using drugs/drinking and I’ll stop when I want to. Or I’m not ready to give it up.

Do you really enjoy living your life while under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Or are you using drugs or alcohol to somehow numb your feelings or block out some memories?Why aren’t you ready to give it up? Ask yourself some of those questions and really take a moment to think about them. Much like a bad relationship with a person, sometimes we stay in a routine because it seems “safe” or “easy.” We are afraid of the work involved to start fresh, which it completely understandable. The road to recovery can be difficult, but it’s a road that is worth traveling and having a longer, happier, and healthier life is the destination.

Excuse #4. I won’t be able to quit. I’ve tried before and it didn’t work or I’ve been to rehab before and it didn’t work.

If you don’t try again, to quit, then quitting isn’t going to happen. But if you are honestly trying to quit, it is definitely possible with the right treatment program. Another way of approaching it is to think not about quitting drugs or alcohol, but instead thinking about becoming sober. Sometimes when we tell ourselves to not do something, it is on our mind so much that we end up doing the very thing that we are trying to avoid. But by thinking about being sober and getting on the path to sobriety, we instead keep thinking about the very thing that we want to be doing. It’s a little thing but can make a big difference in your sobriety journey. If you’ve gone to rehab before and it didn’t work, think about trying again. If you went to rehab and were not truly ready for the work, but you feel ready now, NOW is the time, and more importantly, if you want to be sober, then you are already on your way to being sober! Wanting it is a great start!

Stay tuned for more excuses for not attending rehab in California and for ways to encourage yourself or a friend or loved one to take the leap into recovery.

If you are ready to quit making excuses and break free from addiction, contact an addiction counselor for a confidential assessment.

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