Common Excuses to Not Attend Rehab (Part 2)

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Ocean Hills Recovery Helps Patients Get Past Excuses to Not Attend Rehab

Finding the courage to seek help for your addiction may seem harder than making excuses to not attend rehab and delaying loved ones from intervening. 

If you’ve ever given an excuse to not attend rehab, or been given one by an addict, it’s sometimes difficult to come back with a response that will encourage them to reconsider without seeming insensitive. Our post today goes over a few more common excuses for not attending rehab and hopefully, if someone, and that someone could be YOU, gives you an excuse for not going to rehab, you’ll be more prepared to give encouragement to them so they can get the help they need.

Excuse #5. It’s not a good time for me to do this.

It never will be the ‘right time’ to do something. When you realize you need some help – that’s the right time and the right time to go into rehab. If you wait until all of your obligations are taken care of, or you finish that last work project, you may wait too long. Instead, go NOW and reduce the risk of overdose or death.

Excuse #6. I don’t know where to go for treatment.

There are many options available for treatment: holistic, faith-based, outpatient or inpatient drug rehab. Your best bet is to find a treatment center with a high success rate and set yourself up for success. Finding a treatment center in a beautiful location, like California, is an added bonus. It may provide additional relaxation and peace during your hard work beginning your recovery journey. More often than not, getting away, surrounded by beautiful ocean views, away from your influences from your addiction, you won’t need drugs. As one of the top California addiction rehabs you can rest assured that you won’t need anything but your surroundings. Addiction treatment isn’t a vacation, but many people find the views and aromas of the beaches and oceans to be very calming and conducive to recovery.

Excuse #7. What will my coworkers, neighbors, family think of me if I go to rehab?

If your coworkers, neighbors, and family know about your addiction (they probably do), they will more than likely think very highly of you for taking the step toward breaking your addiction. Take a moment to think about this: Do you have a higher opinion of an addict or an addict in recovery? What do you think others believe about those two kinds of people? Don’t let what other people may or may not think stop you from getting help because the truth of the matter is that you’ll win over more people by being sober than by being an addict.

Excuse #8. I’ve ruined all of my relationships with others so no one cares if I’m sober. Why should I care about getting sober?

It depends on your personal situation, but the quick and easy answer is so you can start really living your life. If you are married, getting sober is part of being a loving spouse. If you have children, take a moment to think about how your kids are feeling and if you are truly being a good and loving parent while on drugs or alcohol.

You should care because YOU MATTER. You are worth more than you realize! You’re relationships with others may be able to heal, but it’s going to take work. The work starts with getting help, and it can start TODAY if you make that first step to realize that your life is worth saving.

If you or a friend or loved one are finding excuses to not attend rehab to break the addiction cycle, call us at Ocean Hills Recovery today to get started on your path to successful addiction recovery.

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