Drug Rehab Process

What is the Drug Rehab Process?

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Many times, people are afraid of the rehab process, but fear of recovery is really fear of the unknown. To help with the common questions or concerns that an addict or a friend/family member of an addict may have, here is a very simplified chart of what the drug and alcohol rehab process looks like at Ocean Hills Recovery in Dana Point, California:

1. Intervention (if necessary) can start the process – to get you to the point where you decide to actually go to rehab.

2. Inpatient Detoxification – the process where your body gets used to not using drugs and/or alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms can be the scariest part, but a medically supervised and licensed staff such as the staff at Ocean Hills Recovery will make sure that your detox is as comfortable as possible so that you can begin to get better.

3. Inpatient Recovery – An individual based treatment plan that may include:

  • Group and individual counseling – While it’s important to feel comfortable to share your past in a private setting, peer support can also work wonders on your path to recovery. Clinical staff will help you deal with your emotional and psychological issues that likely led you to addiction in the first place.
  • Family therapy (when appropriate)
  • Relapse prevention training – You’ll attend workshops and lectures to learn skills for coping with circumstances that could trigger drug use.
  • 12 step recovery meetings may take place both onsite and off so that you can become familiar with the process of staying sober in the real world.
  • Extracurricular activities like yoga, massage, art therapy and fitness. Healing your body is as important as healing your mind.
  • A detailed plan for your future will enable you to feel comfortable with leaving the walls of Ocean Hills Recovery.

4. Transitional Program or Sober Living (if necessary) – a housing situation where all residents are in recovery from drugs and/or alcohol.

5. Discharge – You’ll be well equipped to handle the pressure of the world and have resources available for you in times when you are experiencing cravings or temptations.

Ocean Hills Recovery offers 30, 60 and 90 day inpatient treatment programs to address and eradicate your addiction. Our highest success rate is with our 90 day recovery program. 90 days may seem like a long time, but just like addiction didn’t happen overnight, recovery won’t happen overnight either. It will take time, and that’s OK. Why not take that time to recover from addiction in the beautiful resort city of Dana Point, California at Ocean Hills Recovery?

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