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Short and Long Term Effects of Synthetic Marijuana

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The effects of synthetic marijuana can be extreme. Both short and long-term, there can be physical and psychological effects that occur as a result of using synthetic marijuana, also referred to as K2 or spice. It is a common misconception that marijuana is not addictive. However, the results of long-term marijuana use show otherwise. Using synthetic marijuana can end up with similar results.

What is Synthetic Marijuana? 

Synthetic marijuana, or K2 and spice, is a man-made substance full of chemicals intended to mimic the effects of naturally produced marijuana. Using plant materials, synthetic compounds are sprayed onto them which allows for synthetic marijuana to then be smoked, vaped, or ingested in order to produce the desired effects. These synthetic compounds used in the production of spice can be addictive and dangerous. Unlike naturally produced cannabis (marijuana), synthetic cannabinoid chemical compounds vastly vary from brand to brand. These compounds used in synthetic marijuana bind to the same receptors that natural marijuana does, however, the effects are often more intense. 

Short-Term Effects of Synthetic Marijuana (Spice/K2) 

The short-term effects of spice or K2 can be intense. Using this substance to mimic the effects of naturally produced marijuana can result in far more dangerous effects. It can result in dependence and addiction that can be hard to reverse. Getting out of the grips of addiction to synthetic marijuana can be extremely hard, and sometimes can require professional help and support. These short-term effects of synthetic marijuana can include altered perception, rapid heart rate, and even seizures. All of these effects can lead to devastating results. 

Short-Term Psychological Effects of Synthetic Marijuana

Psychologically, the effects of synthetic marijuana can be far more intense than naturally produced marijuana. It can lead to unresponsiveness, confusion, altered mental status, unconsciousness, hallucinations, and delusion, paranoia, and panic attacks. These psychological effects can lead to dangerous results. Psychosis is a severe condition in which someone loses touch with reality. Short-term effects of synthetic marijuana can include psychosis, causing someone to be unable to identify what is real and what is not. Using this substance can lead to severe mental effects that can lead to dangerous impacts to daily life. 

Short-Term Physical Effects of Synthetic Marijuana

Physically, the short-term effects of synthetic marijuana can be unpleasant. Things like nausea, vomiting, sweating, muscle spasms, and high blood pressure can occur. More severe physical short-term effects of synthetic marijuana can include heart attacks, convulsions, seizures, and strokes. These effects can be fatal and devastating to the person using these substances, as well as their loved ones. 

Long-Term Effects of Synthetic Marijuana

Long term effects of synthetic marijuana are dangerous. The way that these substances alter and change chemical production in and chemical structure of the brain can result in devastating results in the long term. A lot of the long-term effects of synthetic marijuana on humans are still unknown. This is a fairly new substance introduced in recent years, and not enough data is present to provide all of the potential long-term effects. However, there are some known physical and psychological effects.

Long-Term Physical Effects of Synthetic Marijuana

While not all long-term effects of synthetic marijuana are known as of yet, there are some reports available of potential results. There have been reports of paralysis after using this substance, seemingly out of nowhere. There was no trauma to the body, just the inability to move limbs without prompting. There have also been reports of deterioration in motor skills, and cardiac arrest, or heart attacks, as a result of using synthetic marijuana.

It can also potentially lead to violent and irrational behaviors. Using spice can also lead to overdose. Because of the variations in the synthetic compounds, there is no telling how much or how little can result in an overdose. Seizures can result, and lead to severe impacts on cognitive function and motor skills. 

Long-Term Psychological Symptoms

Psychologically, the long-term effects of synthetic marijuana use can include loss of touch with reality. Psychosis can be long-term, and hard to reverse. It can lead to irrational behaviors that are not normal for an individual and result in devastating outcomes. It can also lead to aggression when agitated or upset. Using this substance can lead to mental blackouts in which a person cannot remember or recall what they have done.

This can be scary and dangerous as a person who is in a blackout can be difficult to reason with and change their behaviors before permanent damage is done. Using this substance is dangerous and the results can be devastating. Getting help as soon as possible can help prevent some severe impacts to a person’s life and well-being. 

Healing with Ocean Hills

Synthetic marijuana can lead to severe adverse reactions in a person’s life and overall well-being. Struggling with this substance can impact a person’s life in negative ways, despite the feelings it produces. Getting proper support can help someone to find and maintain recovery long-term, aiding in the healing process. If you or a loved one are struggling, Ocean Hills can help. Contact us today and begin a journey of healing and recovery.

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