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Google Makes Decision to Stop Addiction Treatment Sponsored Search Results

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You may not have noticed, or been paying much attention to this, but Google recently made a decision to stop showing sponsored ads from addiction treatment centers. The decision was said to be made to combat illegitimate rehabs that left people with inadequate treatment. Many of these businesses were no more than call centers that funneled people needing help into “rehabs” that were far from reputable. These call centers would essentially auction the person needing help and send the patient to the facility that would pay the most. These facilities would then bill the patient’s insurance for unnecessary tests and treatments and ultimately leave the person untreated or with poor treatment.


There is no disagreement that a better process needed to be in place, and we are still hoping that Google will reinstate advertising with new procedures in place. However, in the meantime, Google has halted all addiction treatment advertising. What makes matters worse is that while Google has stopped allowing addiction treatment centers from advertising, they haven’t stopped advertising from big pharmaceutical companies. The ones we’re most concerned with is the companies that produce and push opioids. These companies are the very same companies that many are blaming for the opioid crisis.

Google needs to fix their mistake. We need your help. Please sign the petition on[1] asking Google to reinstate addiction treatment advertising. If you would like more information on this, you can find more at[2].

Unlike many of the rehabs that popped up overnight and are involved with these call centers, Ocean Hills Recovery has been helping people with addiction since 2008. We received CARF International Accreditation[3] in 2015 and received some of the highest honors available in the accreditation process. CARF Accreditation consists of ongoing consultation and in-depth on-site reviews to help a CARF-accredited facility achieve the highest quality of care for their clients. Additionally, OHR is a BBB Accredited Business[4] with an A+ Rating.







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