Heroin Rehab Dana Point Addresses a Serious Community Problem

Heroin Rehabs Addressing a Serious Community Problem

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Opioid use has surged around the country in the past decade. When prescription drugs aren’t available, individuals often turn to heroin as a cheaper option to fuel their addiction. The rise of heroin abuse in California has prompted heroin rehab Dana Point to respond. By providing a wide range of holistic treatments that address both the mind and the body of those dealing with heroin addiction.

Although heroin causes far fewer deaths each year than prescription opioids do, it was responsible for 715 deaths (1) throughout the state in 2017 alone. Overall, California saw 2,311 deaths (2) from all types of opioids in 2018.

The Grip of Heroin Addiction

As an opioid, heroin is an incredibly addictive drug for both teenagers and adults. Most individuals begin taking heroin to feel pleasure and improved wellbeing. However, they must keep taking increased doses of heroin to continue feeling this way. Without sufficient supplies of this drug, they may instead face withdrawal symptoms. These can be scary and downright dangerous.

Heroin is so addictive because it works on the reward centers in the brain. It attaches itself to the opioid receptors that decrease pain and increase pleasure. After just a few uses, individuals may find it impossible to quit or cut back, and they may face persistent cravings for it.

Help for Heroin Addiction

Heroin is a scary and dangerous drug to be addicted to. Heroin rehab Dana Point offers hope through programs that address both the physical and mental aspects of this addiction. Usually, a combination of treatment modalities is best suited for long-term success. Some medications can reduce cravings for heroin by attaching to the same opioid receptors that heroin does. However, behavioral therapy is even more important for recovery because it helps individuals learn how to avoid triggers, modify behaviors, and limit the stress that could lead to drug abuse.

The Collaborative Care Program for Long-Term Success

Our Collaborative Care Program provides individualized treatment plans designed for you or your loved one’s unique needs. It also utilizes the 12-step treatment method that has proven so effective for thousands of individuals.

Our trusted staff will work one-on-one with each client to determine which treatment options will work best for the individual. Our heroin rehab Dana Point offers treatments such as therapy, nutrition and exercise plans, medication, and long-term transitional programs.

Private therapy sessions give individuals a chance to bring up their concerns. Group therapy lets them realize that they are not in their struggles alone. Family therapy brings loved ones into the picture to offer support. Other forms of treatment give individuals outlets for their stress, concerns, or turbulent emotions. The goal of any treatment program is to change dangerous, unhealthy habits into positive actions. This will then create positive thoughts and reduce triggers.

Heroin Rehab Dana Point Can Help You or Your Loved One

It’s imperative to address all sides of the patient through a collaborative approach and by ensuring long-term compliance through a 12-step program. Heroin rehab Dana Point will help you or a loved one move past heroin addiction.

If you are tired of struggling with your addiction and are ready to move to a path of sobriety, we encourage you to contact Ocean Hills Recovery today. We offer a wide range of tools to help you overcome your addiction and start a new life. Make today your best day yet by seeking help.



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