How Long Does It Take To Go Through A 12 Step Rehab?

How Long Does It Take To Go Through A 12 Step Rehab?

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The amount of time you spend in a 12 step rehab program will depend on several unique factors. Your health, commitment to sobriety, and the support system you create all contribute to your success in rehab. One key factor to consider is how well a facility incorporates its 12 step program into the recovery process.

What is a 12 Step Rehab Program?

12 step programs have a top reputation amongst support groups that help individuals recover from substance abuse disorders.  A quality treatment facility will work to create a unique 12 step rehab plan for each patient. No two people are affected by the same challenges with drugs or alcohol, making a personalized recovery plan essential.

The 12 steps are principles a group follows to build mental and emotional resilience against substance dependency. Each principle has a purpose, and the rehab program encourages patients to follow the steps in order. While there is one path to completing all 12 steps, there’s no timeline for how long this will take. 

Rehab Program Meetings

A patient should never feel pressured to participate in a 12 step rehabilitation meeting vocally. Instead, patients often say that attending the meeting with others like themselves is motivating enough to continue the program.

Organizers of the 12 step program often hold support gatherings at community centers, places of worship, or recreational facilities. What separates Ocean Hills Recovery from other rehabilitation options is the comprehensive approach to detox, recovery, and long-lasting sobriety.

Through a hybrid method that combines the bio-psycho-social model with 12-step recovery, our team of drug rehab specialists created Collaborative Recovery. However, for many patients, regularly attending 12 step program meetings isn’t enough to reach their desired level of success.

With inpatient drug rehab available for those who would benefit from a more extensive program, Ocean Hills Recovery can support you through the complete spectrum of recovery.

Do 12 Step Programs Work?

Researchers have long touted 12 step healing methods as a good way to maintain sobriety from drugs and alcohol. As the American Psychological Association reveals, one of the core elements of this type of recovery program is a firm reliance on or incorporation of spirituality.1

Ocean Hills Recovery personalizes the 12 step rehab process to each patient, so spirituality should not be confused with religion. To elaborate, relying on a higher power or a sense of the universe is the spirituality some patients need to understand the recovery process better.

In addition, walking through the 12 steps offers a feeling of completion to patients. Because there is no established timeline, rehabilitation participants can spend as much time as needed with each principle until they feel mentally and emotionally prepared to move to the next step.

Best 12 Step Rehab in California

The integrative treatment approach used by the drug rehab specialists at Ocean Hills Recovery serves those who may benefit from a 12 step program and those who require inpatient treatment. Licensed health professionals implement the 12 step program at a pace that works for each individual. We understand that addressing a substance use disorder takes courage, and there is no expiration date for that type of strength.

As you walk through the 12 principles and feel confident in building a life of sobriety, you may no longer need the round-the-clock support offered by Ocean Hills Recovery. Each of our unique programs is designed to serve our patients in a safe, beneficial way. In addition, our counselors supply you with the coping skills needed to become self-reliant in building a happy, fulfilling life.

If you or a loved one wants to learn more about the 12 step rehab program offered by Ocean Hills Recovery, contact our team of specialists to create your personalized plan for recovery. You can also explore the 12 steps and find answers to questions you may have about the program.


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