How to Enjoy Sobriety

How to Enjoy Sobriety

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Recovering from a substance abuse addiction requires learning not to use the substance and how to enjoy sobriety once you overcome your addiction. Many people don’t realize that they need to change their lifestyle habits and possibly even their friends if they contributed to the substance abuse.

Ways to Enjoy Sobriety

If you can look at recovering from a substance as a new life, one full of possibilities and new experiences, you can enjoy sobriety and all of the good things that come along with it. Let’s look at several ways to live sober and enjoy life.


Exercise is good for the mind and body. It makes the brain feel good. The brain releases feel-good endorphins that will make you want to continue exercising so that you can keep the positive vibes going.1 You can join a gym, do yoga, or go for a walk or run. Anything that gets the body moving will benefit you.

Exercise can also help to battle depression and improve your mental health. Studies show that exercising can help reduce anxiety and boost your mood. 2 Exercise can also help your mental state by making you feel better about yourself. It will improve your physical appearance and help you gain the self-confidence that you may have been lacking.

Get Creative

Think about taking up activities that let your creative juices flow. Learn to draw, paint, sing, or maybe even act. Look for activities that appeal to you and keep your mind busy. When your mind is busy creating, you won’t be thinking about using any addictive substances.

Further Your Education

Is there a topic you’ve always wanted to know more about? Do you want to earn a degree and further your education? If so, now is the time to look for courses that will help you do that. They can be online courses or courses at your local community college. The sky’s the limit here—anything you can find that piques your interest is fair game.

Revisit Old Passions 

Think about what you used to do before your substance abuse disorder. Revisit these old passions. They will keep you busy and lead to new possibilities with a career or help introduce you to positive people. If you can keep an open mind, you’ll be surprised at what can happen. Rediscovering activities you did before addiction is a great way to remind yourself that you can enjoy sobriety. 


Organizations are always looking for volunteers. Whether it’s working with kids or helping the elderly, many groups can use your help. This is also a great way to use some of your talents. If you’re good at art, perhaps you can ask if you can teach an art class to a group. If you like to read, you can offer to read to children at your local library. The idea is to find a group that appeals to you and can use your help. You may also make meaningful connections in the process that can open up doors for you in the future.

Let Ocean Hills Recovery Help You Enjoy Sobriety

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we can help you overcome your substance abuse disorder and live a sober life. Our team will find the right treatment program for you. We understand that everyone’s addiction is different. This is why we offer a tailored approach to each patient.

We provide treatment for alcohol and drug addiction as well as detox services. For more information on how Ocean Hills Recovery can help you enjoy sobriety, contact us today.


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