Long Term Drug Rehab

Long Term Drug Rehab: Recovery That Lasts

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In the battle to break free from addiction, healing takes time. Successfully embarking on the path to recovery requires guidance, support, and patience. Old patterns of addiction need to be dislodged gently while you work to replace them with new ideas, self-understanding, and renewed strength. These important first steps, while perhaps the most exciting, cannot be rushed. Recovery is far too important to be condensed into a weekend program. You deserve the time it takes to make this transformation permanent. Our long-term drug rehab program gives you that opportunity.

If you are entering recovery, you will want to consider that the rate and duration of successfully maintained sobriety escalate in proportion with the length of the recovery program. Last year, seventy-three percent of Ocean Hills clients who completed a 90 day program were still sober in 2011. Of those who completed a thirty-day program 56% were still sober in 2011. None of those who failed to complete a thirty-day program were still sober the following year. Clearly, long terms recovery programs offer you the very best chance to break free of addiction for good.

Giving yourself time to heal and integrate all aspects of our comprehensive drug rehab model provide what is clearly a tremendous advantage. Time and time again, our patients confirm that more than learning how to abstain from using, it was the warm environment and time spent learning how to live a sober lifestyle that made their recovery last.

Becoming sober changes and heals your relationship with yourself. Often, you will recover parts of yourself that you once feared lost. Inevitably, you will awaken new attributes as well. In our long-term program, you will have ample opportunity to grow comfortable with your renewed sense of identity while creating a healthier social climate within your family and other ongoing relationships. By allowing this process to take place gently, we can help you change the conditions under which your addiction may have developed. Meanwhile, you will develop ties to a community of sober people, and discover that sobriety can actually be fun and fulfilling.

While other programs may plant the seeds of sobriety, our long-term drug rehab program allows those seeds to grow and take root. It is these roots that make a life of freedom from addiction a possibility.

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