Multiple Rehab Stays and Can't Stay Sober

Multiple Rehab Stays and Can’t Stay Sober

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Attending a rehab facility is certainly not a guarantee of staying sober once treatment is complete. The number of individuals who can’t stay sober after receiving treatment is between 40-60 percent within one year, according to a 2014 study in JAMA[1]. Often, an individual will end up attending multiple rehab facilities and still fail to remain sober. This can lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair. Addiction is not a straightforward condition that someone can quickly put behind them with a simple solution. Many factors can contribute to relapse.

Why It Can be Challenging to Remain Sober

Admitting you have a problem is an essential first step towards achieving a state of recovery. But it is only one part of the process. Taking action to attend a rehab program is not a guarantee of success. An individual must continue to practice positive self-care long after they have exited treatment. Detoxing from a substance does not mean the addiction has ended. Detox is the act of removing a harmful substance from the body, as well as the physical dependence on the substance[2]. Detox allows for a person to begin addressing the reasons for their addiction under sober circumstances. However, if a person detoxes and does not receive treatment for the underlying causes of their addiction, relapse is extremely likely to occur.

Addiction is often the cause of a multitude of factors, making the act of addressing addiction is a complex process. Beyond one’s chemical addiction to a particular substance, issues such as mental health disorders, trauma, social pressure, and a lack of purpose can all contribute to a person struggling with an addiction. The idea of merely taking medication and being “cured” is a short-sighted belief. This is because it overlooks the various aspects which make up the sum of one’s addiction. An individual must receive comprehensive treatment, which addresses the specific causes of their addiction to have a better chance of avoiding relapse.

Common Reasons Why a Person Can’t Stay Sober

There are many reasons why a person can have a hard time maintaining their sobriety. These include things such as stress, as difficult life circumstances can make a person want to self-medicate by using their drug of choice. It can also include things such as having over-confidence. An individual will begin to believe they are no longer addicted to a substance, and thus can use when they want.

Additionally, being around people who can trigger one to use can also be a source of relapse. In particular social situations, such as being in the company of fellow users, circumstances can make it much more likely to want to use. Moments of celebration can also end up becoming a reason a person decides to relapse, as a positive moment can allow a person to rationalize using.

What To Look For in a Drug Rehab Program

Attending rehab is not a guarantee of staying sober. However, specific rehab programs offer individuals a higher potential for success. These programs allow a person to avoid having to participate in multiple rehabs to find one that works. The best rehab programs provide a person with comprehensive and holistic solutions that address every aspect of one’s addiction. They include peer support groups, to help a person feel more connected and supported by those who are in a similar predicament. Successful programs also offer regular, one-on-one sessions to provide a person with the specialized attention they need.

Additionally, the best rehab programs also address other components of one’s health. By doing so, they increase the odds that a person will remain sober. These factors include exercise and nutrition, elements that can play a role in achieving lasting sobriety. An effective rehab program will also be one that is evidence-based. This is why Ocean Hills Recovery implements the latest research findings to create a plan that is grounded in science. If you or someone you love requires a rehab program that effectively addresses all aspects of addiction, contact Ocean Hills Recovery today. We offer a solution-focused approach structured to each individual’s situation. We are committed to helping you achieve the sober life you deserve.




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