Recovery Success Rates

Ocean Hills Recovery Rehab Success Rates

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The OHR Difference – Creating a Recovery Community One Client at a Time with Unparalleled Rehab Success Rates

Highest California Rehab Success Rates – Experience your Best Chance for Recovery from Addiction Rehab

What’s the difference?

Ocean Hills Recovery provides a unique treatment approach called Collaborative Care. Working with the addict on an individual level, our clinical staff deals with individual emotional and psychological issues. Damage that may have been done to their bodies is healed through exercise and proper nutrition. The client’s family is also included in the process of recovery to help change the social climate in which the client developed and cemented their addiction. The client begins to engage with the sober community through twelve-step recovery and meetings. A community of sober individuals also develops between the residents as they engage with one another on their journey of recovery.

Boasting a High Rehab Success Rate!

In 2010, a high rate of Ocean Hills Recovery’s clients who completed a 90-day program stayed sober into 2011. The success rate for those completing at least a 30-day treatment program was also very high. The statistics for alcoholics and addicts are usually not quite so promising. Estimates for long-term sobriety following addiction treatment range from 3% to 20%.

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