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Part 2 Of The Boozification of Women’s Fitness: How To Fight Back

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Giving a Big Thanks to Laura of The Sobriety Collective[1] for contributing this piece. Full bio is at the end of the article. You can read Part 1 of this series here[2].

So – you say you want a revolution (John, Paul, George, and Ringo would be proud!). Let’s start with some revolutionary thoughts from our panel of amazing women on how they plan on doing their part in the greater sober influencer community.

Jackie[3]: By constantly calling out the ACTUAL fake news, by naming and shaming the pseudoscience promoters and showing, through my blog and platform that sober is normal. Not the other way around.

Rosemary[4]: I’m writing articles, doing webinars, blogs and interviews for Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.

Julie[5]: It would be amazing to see brands empowering women to make honest changes in their lives rather than just telling them they can be part of the “hip” crew. How about we discuss how yoga helps with things like anxiety and spiritual connection…

Sarah[6]: We must keep talking!! The more people share, the less we are hidden and the more others might speak up, as well. My partner and I have just launched a website called Sobriety Starts HERE, where we interview people – like you and Erin! – [Editor’s note: hey, that’s us!!)  in recovery so that their story can serve as inspiration to others looking to get sober. We also highlight the various pathways to recovery, as there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

Kristina[7]: I write blogs and talk about it in my social media channels (or in real life when possible). But I would like to start a public campaign.

Helaina[8]: The timing of this is pretty wild, I’ve actually begun to work with a nonprofit that hosts free, super fun events like comedy nights, laser tag, knitting, movies, etc, for young people in recovery to show them that sober life is fun and there is “life” after you stop drinking, so helping them spread that message feels directly counter-active to the epidemic of all boozy everything. #StayOutofMyPaintingClassToo

Erin[9]: For me, it’s about continuing to surface media and marketing content, including that in the health/wellness space, and having a constructive dialogue around it. I’m acutely aware of how big this problem is, but am encouraged by the responses I receive every day. Women — and men — are saying they too have been bothered by the constant barrage of messages around alcohol. I’m encouraged by feedback I’m hearing from friends who are decision makers in media — editors who have said, “Hey, I’m thinking a little differently about how we tell stories around alcohol.” That makes me overjoyed. You don’t have to be sober to get it. We’re waking up to so many things in this world; I believe that these discussions are just part of the greater whole. Ultimately I want people to be smarter and more thoughtful content creators and consumers — about everything.

Laura Silverman and Erin Shaw Street

Lindsay[10]: First of all, I am a huge fan of #TellBetterStories [Editor’s note: this is getting pretty meta, isn’t it?]. Honestly, I wish I had thought of it first. What I can hope for is that we see more people stand up for this and use their skills and passion to create change. I’d also like to see people have real conversations about this, not fueled by anger but with the intention of educating. Most people just don’t realize the prevalence of alcohol in their daily lives – whether they have an alcohol use disorder or not. It’s our responsibility to ask them, hey have you ever wondered why this or that OR did you know that you don’t have to drink?

Want to join the #resistance? Start an alcohol-free meetup in your area. Post mocktail recipes. Drink water before/during/after class. Get your beauty rest and relish in those hangover-free mornings. Be a source of strength for yourself, your families, other women, and the world. Keep sharing those stories and don’t be afraid to be #SubversivelySober.


See below for a — by no means fully comprehensive — list of a few digital places to stage your revolt.

Om Vibes Only

THANK YOU to our guest writer Laura Silverman! 

Laura Silverman is the founder of The Sobriety Collective[1], a resource and blog created to celebrate ​the intersection between creativity and recovery. In 2007, Laura went from insecure, anxious binge drinker to newly-minted sober ​24 year old. This step catapulted her into a journey of long-term recovery. She believes in the raw power of storytelling, mental health awareness, ​and love. ​

Laura is the hostess of a dormant mental wellness podcast, Bad Story Pod[11], on the Since Right Now Podcast Network. ​She was a member of the inaugural She Recovers in NYC sober blogger event team in May 2017, where she shared space with Glennon Doyle, Marianne Williamson, Gabby Bernstein, and Elizabeth Vargas​. To pay her bills, Laura is the Director of Community Relations at Potomac Pathways, a substance use disorder treatment program for teens and young adults in the Washington DC metro area – and she freelance writes and web designs. Somehow she still makes time for yoga, family, friends, and self-care.




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