Prescription drug addiction can happen to anyone. When a doctor prescribes medications meant to treat pain, panic or depression, the medications work well. But when they are no longer needed, getting away from them can become a problem because they create feelings of well-being and euphoria or blissful oblivion that patients are reluctant to give up. Often by the time patients are no longer in need of medications, they are addicted and find themselves in need of treatment.

That’s where Ocean Hills Recovery comes in. Ocean Hills Recovery is a warm caring addiction treatment facility. Located in beautiful Dana Point, CA, Ocean Hills Recovery is a respected drugs and alcohol treatment center providing positive, individually based treatment plans to meet the unique needs of our patients.

Among California drug rehab facilities, Ocean Hills offers a unique plan of treatment. Instead of a cookie-cutter approach to addiction recovery, we get to know each person as a unique individual and tailor a rehabilitation program to fit that person’s needs. We believe that every patient has special needs that cannot be met with a one-fits-all approach to rehab. Because each of our patients is special, we address their needs uniquely.

When seeking out California drugs rehab facilities, Ocean Hills Recovery will provide a warm, concerned and caring staff in addition to cutting-edge rehab programs to begin you on your way to a new life, free of addiction and its negative effects.

Addiction damages not only the addict but the people around them. Together, we will help you rebuild the relationships damaged by addiction and learn to create healthy new ones that are free of the negative effects of drug dependency.

Addiction can damage professional lives as well. If you have been missing work, been chronically late or have been fired as a result of your addiction, we will help you rebuild your confidence, free from the issues surrounding drug dependence.

These are a few of the ways we can help you put your life back together. Contact Ocean Hills Recovery today for more information about prescription drug addiction and get started on a new, healthier you.