california drug rehab responds to john oliver's segment on rehab

California Drug Rehab Responds to John Oliver’s Segment on Rehab

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Many comedians use the spotlight to humorously discuss serious issues that face society. Recently, John Oliver’s segment on rehab caught many people’s attention. Although he is known to stir controversy within his television audience, it is important to identify some of his misleading comments, especially as our country is fighting against opioids and other drug addictions. As a top California drug rehab, Ocean Hills Recovery is committed to bringing the truth about rehab to light.

Is Rehab Just a Joke?

Throughout his monologue, Oliver used the term “rehab” in a joking and negative manner. He states that facilities often choose fancy names to attract the public’s attention, but few places actually offer sound help.

Rehabilitation centers are made to offer treatments to patients who need help dealing with their addiction problems. It is more about the programs being offered than the names of the facilities.

Accredited Rehabs Do Exist

Before choosing a rehab center, it is important to study the organization’s credentials and accreditations. Mr. Oliver mentions that the industry has few federal standards for patient treatment. However, there are established standards in place by accreditation bodies that have strict requirements for rehab facilities that request accreditation.

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we have a staff that includes psychologists, certified counselors, and a medical director. We hold CARF accreditation, which is the benchmark for a facility that is offering quality and effective care. To become accredited, a facility is evaluated by a licensed inspector. Patient cases are randomly selected to make sure that top care and ethical procedures are in place. Accreditation is constantly updated as well.

Oliver also fails to mention The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration[1], which is another organization that holds treatment facilities to high standards and is a federal administration.

Addiction Treatment Options

Many of the clips that were used in John Oliver’s segment on rehab mentioned programs that are used in treatment. Obviously, all facilities are different and offer different methods of treatment. Some provide conventional techniques, and others use unconventional methods like equine therapy.

It is essential to research the treatment options at each facility before selecting one. It is vital for a patient to choose a place that offers an environment that is conducive to sobriety. At Ocean Hills Recovery, we treat each patient on an individual basis. We examine a patient’s addiction problem and emotional condition before starting treatment.

Everyone comes to our center under different circumstances. We work hard to create a program that fits individual needs so that long-term recovery is possible. We never claim that patients are cured after leaving our care. At our California drug rehab facility, we work to deal with a person’s insurance, financial standing, and personal obligations so that effective follow-up care is possible.

Rehab versus Big Pharm

Oliver opens his story by claiming that rehab is a scam that soaks billions of dollars from patients each year. However, he fails to add anything about how this connects to the $610 billion Big Pharm industry. He does state that a majority of opioid addicts become dependent through prescription medicine. This proves that the pharmaceutical industry is not a friend to addiction.

There is no question that the pharmaceutical industry has done great things to treat numerous ailments. Unfortunately, many drugs are prescribed when they are unnecessary, which often leads to addiction. If a person is prescribed a medicine like oxycodone and becomes addicted, this individual will need to obtain more of this medicine, and that’s were a viscous circle can begin. However, this is just one problem.

Big Pharm Marketing

Certain drugs are marketed to aid with addiction treatment, but most cost a fortune for the average person. It has become essential for companies to research and develop affordable drugs that help with addiction treatment. Drug companies are able to keep demand growing so that prices remain high. Access to drugs like suboxone has become increasingly difficult to obtain. This is a medicine that is used to reverse overdoses and assist a person who is challenged by long-term opioid addiction. None of this helps a person who is addicted to these types of drugs or the rehabilitation industry.

Some Rehabs and Their Staff Actually Do Care

Oliver fails to discuss that there are thousands of counselors and medical professionals who truly dedicate themselves to help people who struggle with substance abuse.

Entering a rehab facility is just the first step in a lifetime of recovery. A person will learn the skills and tools to be able to fight addiction for their life at rehab. There is no cure for addiction. Scientific research shows that addiction changes the brain. And while the changes that happen in the brain may physically be the same among different people, how they cope with those changes and their unique circumstances will always vary.

That is why there is not a one-size-fits-all treatment approach that every rehab uses. Instead, Ocean Hills Recovery combines evidenced-based psychotherapy approaches with the proven theories of the 12 steps to provide a comprehensive and collaborative approach to addiction treatment. 

Choosing a California Drug Rehab Facility

There are a number of California drug rehab facilities available to choose from for your recovery. Before you select one for treatment, it is essential to do some homework and investigate the offered programs and the methods of treatment that are utilized. It is essential to uncover the various accreditations of each option. This will help to guarantee that high quality care is provided.

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we are proud of our services and welcome anyone who is in need of serious assistance with addiction. We have been accredited from multiple organizations and have a staff that is devoted to patient success. Under our care, patients learn to take back their lives and how to live with successful long-term sobriety.




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