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Reducing Drinking and Driving in California

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Examining a Statute That May Reduce the Number of Intoxicated Motorists and Decrease the Risk of Vehicular Collisions

Rehabs in California are always looking at ways to help people combat addiction to alcohol and drugs. In January 2018, numerous legislators enacted a statute that may decrease the number of intoxicated drivers in California, and the new law will help nightclubs to offer discounted rides. Multiple lawmakers have indicated that the statute can tremendously reduce the likelihood of automotive collisions. Furthermore, the new law could significantly lessen the amount of motorists who receive traffic citations, and the statute may decrease the risk of injuries, reduce the number of intoxicated individuals who visit medical centers and increase the percentage of intoxicated guests who safely return to their residences.

Examining Existing Statutes for Drinking and Driving in California

In California, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act is a statute that can protect intoxicated consumers, and if a company owns a bar, the statute may prevent the business from offering free goods or free services. Consequently, most bars were unable to provide free rides, yet by modifying the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, the recent legislation will effectively encourage the owners of bars to offer free rides. According to a small survey that examined drinking and driving in California, more than 92 percent of owners believe that they should help customers to find a designated driver. Various entrepreneurs have indicated that many guests regularly ask for discounted rides, and some owners believe that the new services will increase the number of customers who visit bars that offer free rides.

Examining Statistics for Drinking and Driving in California

In California, numerous reports have suggested that some police officers have noticed a large number of intoxicated drivers in the southern section of the state, yet throughout the state’s northern region, the amount of drunk motorists decreased during the last 10 years. Throughout the past year, intoxicated drivers have caused more than 1,000 collisions in California, and since January 2017, the amount of automotive collisions has risen by at least 10 percent. Moreover, certain surveys have suggested that more than 11 percent of respondents have driven while they were intoxicated.

Multiple studies have shown that intoxicated motorists caused more than 30 percent of automotive collisions since January 2017. When numerous researchers examined drinking and driving in California, the experts determined that at least 32 percent of these motorists have precipitated numerous collisions.

Studying Alcoholism

Throughout 2017, more than 17 million Americans periodically abused alcohol, and various studies have indicated that around 11 million Americans frequently consumed excessive amounts of alcohol. During the last five years, rehabilitation facilities have treated less than 3 percent of the individuals who regularly abuse alcohol, yet according to multiple surveys, many respondents may visit rehabilitation centers within the next year.

During January 2016, numerous experts completed a report that examined individuals who visited rehabs in California. The survey indicated that more than 50 percent of those respondents had eventually relapsed, and the report has shown that at least 35 percent of the clients believe that they can effectively help friends who frequently abuse alcohol.

Generally, alcohol can cause various medical conditions that affect the liver, the kidneys and the cardiovascular system, and sometimes, alcohol may precipitate cirrhosis, which could significantly reduce the absorption of numerous types of nutrients. Cirrhosis may damage the cells of the liver and generate severe inflammation, and the condition could cause the liver to become especially thick. Moreover, multiple studies indicated that alcohol caused more than 15 million injuries throughout the past year.

The Effects of Similar Legislation

During the last five years, the lawmakers of numerous states have created statutes that assist bars that provide discounted rides. According to various reports, this technique can lessen the number of intoxicated drivers by more than 38 percent. The strategy may also reduce the amount of automotive collisions by around 20 percent. Furthermore, the technique could significantly decrease the number of customers who frequently visit multiple bars.

Choosing the Services That a Rehabilitation Center Can Offer

If an individual visits a rehabilitation center, the company’s experts can evaluate numerous factors that encourage the person to consume extra alcohol, and the specialists may organize enjoyable activities, offer treatments that can improve health, manage group sessions and examine experiences that could help each client. Our experts can utilize strategies that may effectively modify the behaviors of individuals who visit rehabs in California. Ocean Hills Recovery not only offers outpatient services, but also inpatient treatment options in our cutting-edge facility.

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