Dependable Drug Treatment – Overcome Your Addiction and Transform Your Life 

California Drug Treatment Program

Ocean Hills Recovery offers patients more than just a run-of-the-mill recovery program. The emphasis at our drug treatment center is on a return to living, and rediscovery of self. Our ultimate goal is to help our patients reclaim an existence that is “happy, joyous, and free.” Rather than subscribing to other drug treatment programs’ notions stating that individuals can conquer addiction only once their will has been broken, we support patients on a journey of rebuilding in our outpatient and inpatient drug treatment programs. Thus, every aspect of a patient’s addiction treatment experience with Ocean Hills Recovery’s drug treatment program is designed to be powerfully honest, personalized, and above all compassionate.

Among our goals is to help each patient in our drug treatment programs to build healthy levels of self-esteem and self-worth. We set the foundations for this by acknowledging their individuality from the very beginning of our therapeutic relationship as we customize drug treatment programs for their unique history, learning style, and individual responses to treatment. We refer to this evolved approach to rehabilitation as “Collaborative Recovery.” It is suited for patients at all stages of recovery but offers a particularly bright ray of hope for those who have made prior attempts at treatment. Here, we are able to help them reconcile the totality of their experiences in such a way as to gain a sense of self-mastery, compassion toward themselves, and determination to enjoy long-term sobriety. By making the process of learning and transitioning into a life of sobriety fun, we have helped our patients achieve an outstanding rate of success.

Ocean Hills Recovery, a well-known drug rehab center, offers patients the most complete array of healing modalities available today with access to a full spectrum of tools and resources. These include medical supervision, counselors, psychiatrists, and a supportive recovery community. Affordable treatment programs are available in addition to Sober Living programs that ease the transition from rehab to daily life. Patients learn new life skills in a structured, nurturing, and joy-filled environment that allows them to put freshly acquired tools for sobriety into practice. Successful new habits and coping mechanisms are then solidified through the guidance of sponsors and supporters of the community. At Ocean Hills Recovery, being surrounded by others who walk a similar path often results in lifelong friendships. It is this delicate but powerful combination of tools- grounded in science, then enhanced by nurturing the spirit of each individual that culminates in a fresh start, and life renewed.

If you’ve been battling with addiction for quite some time and have not had success in local inpatient or outpatient recovery programs, you may need to put a little distance between yourself and the unhealthy environment that you’re currently living in. By entering a drug treatment program, you’ll be giving yourself the perfect opportunity to identify the underlying causes of your addiction, learn how to establish positive and life-affirming relationships, and deal with your addiction triggers among many other things. The following are some of the impressive benefits that our drug treatment can provide.

Get Away From Negative Influences

When you enter a reputable, drug treatment center, you’ll find yourself instantly removed from the co-dependent relationships and peer-related temptations that once fueled your addiction. If you’ve decided to change your life by addressing drug or alcohol addiction head-on, you have to separate from family members and friends who are still abusing drugs or alcohol themselves. You will also need to distance yourself from people who have played active roles in supporting or even encouraging your drug use. At our drug treatment center, you’ll have constant access to counseling and guidance for a better understanding of these relationships and the negative impact that they’re having on your life.

Detoxing And Getting Clean at a Drug Treatment Center

When people attempt to fight drug addiction on their own, they often try to do so without changing any other aspect of their lives. If you’re living in the same place, dealing with the same people, and engaging in the same day-to-day activities, radically altering your habits isn’t going to be easy. You might feel like you have the willpower, the drive, and the commitment to going cold turkey right at home, but you’ll get far more support and a much better opportunity to succeed by going to a a drug treatment center instead. At these facilities, you will have the benefit of knowledgeable medical professionals who can monitor your vital signs and make sure that you never get too uncomfortable. Moreover, you will be in a closed, sheltered environment and without outside influences, distractions and temptations. This is the easiest, safest, and most effective way to detox and get clean.

The Psychological Benefits Of Distance

Distancing yourself from your current environment as part of your efforts to establish a sober and healthy lifestyle can also be very psychologically beneficial. You likely have a lot of guilt and shame that’s associated with your current life quality and your drug use. Going to a drug treatment center and participating in an inpatient drug treatment program will allow you to get a clean, fresh start. In addition to getting sober, you can also engage in long-term life planning and general life development. This will give you the opportunity to become the person you always wanted to be, and to establish a lifestyle that you can feel proud of. Distance from co-dependent relationships and other potentially harmful associates is also critical for benefiting from the group and individual therapy that our drug treatment commonly entails. You may find that many of your current relationships are actually tied to the source of your drug addiction and many of your addiction triggers. Once you’re away from these unhealthy connections, you will be able to recognize them for what they are. You will also get help in redefining what it means to have healthy, positive, and life-affirming relationships with people who value your well-being and health.

Making Amends

Going to a drug treatment program can also be the first step in making important amends with any minor children, spouses, friends, or other associates that you have hurt in the past. Time away from the pressure and emotional strain of these associations will allow you to focus entirely on yourself and the changes that you need to make. Throughout your therapy, your counselors will give you help in reaching out to people you want to apologize to, accepting accountability for your actions or inaction, addressing your guilt, forgiving yourself, and ultimately moving on. You will also be encouraged to rely on the proven 12-step approach for both acknowledging past mistakes, and establishing a way of living that ensures that these are never repeated.

Proper drug treatment takes a multi-pronged approach to help substance abusers get well. These outpatient and inpatient drug treatment programs can be especially beneficial for people who are struggling in their recovery efforts due to unhealthy environments. Sometimes, simply getting away from it all is the absolute best thing that you can do to improve your life.