Dependable California Drug Treatment – Overcome Your Addiction and Transform Your Life 

California Drug Treatment

Ocean Hills Recovery offers patients more than just a run of the mill recovery program. The emphasis here is on a return to living, and rediscovery of self. Our ultimate goal is to help our patients reclaim an existence that is “happy, joyous and free.” Rather than subscribing to other drug treatment programs’ notions stating that individuals can conquer addiction only once their will has been broken, we support patients on a journey of rebuilding. Thus, every aspect of a patient’s addiction treatment experience with Ocean Hills Recovery is designed to be powerfully honest, personalized and compassionate.

Chief among our goals is to help each patient of our drug treatment programs to build healthy levels of self-esteem and self-worth. We set the foundations for this by acknowledging their individuality from the very beginning of our therapeutic relationship as we customize drug treatment programs for their unique history, learning style, and individual responses to treatment. We refer to this evolved approach to rehabilitation as “Collaborative Recovery.” It is suited for patients at all stages of recovery, but offers a particularly bright ray of hope for those who have made prior attempts at treatment. Here, we are able to help them reconcile the totality of their experiences in such a way as to gain a sense of self-mastery, compassion toward themselves, and determination to enjoy long-term sobriety. By making the process of learning and transitioning into a life of sobriety fun, we have helped our patients achieve an outstanding rate of success.

Ocean Hills Recovery, an well known California drug rehab center, offers patients the most complete array of healing modalities available today with access to a full spectrum of tools and resources. These include medical supervision, counselors, psychiatrists, and a supportive recovery community. Affordable 30-, 60-, and 90-day programs are available in addition to Sober Living programs that ease the transition from rehab to daily life. Patients learn new life skills in a structured, nurturing and joy-filled environment that allows them to put freshly acquired tools for sobriety into practice. Successful new habits and coping mechanisms are then solidified through the guidance of sponsors and support of community. At Ocean Hills Recovery, being surrounded by others who walk a similar path often results in lifelong friendships. It is this delicate but powerful combination of tools- grounded in science, then enhanced by nurturing the spirit of each individual that culminates in a fresh start, and a life renewed.