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10 Reasons To Get Sober

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When it comes to getting sober, there are many roads you can go down. But, what are the reasons to get sober? Why choose a life without drugs and alcohol? Well, that is completely up to the person with a decision to make. Getting sober takes some work, but the benefits far outweigh the loss associated with giving up the substances. 

Why is Being Sober a Good Thing?

The answer may seem to be an obscure one. Why would someone want to live the rest of their life sober? Well, for someone who isn’t battling with the monster that is addiction to drugs and alcohol, that is a valid question. For those that are struggling, getting and staying sober can be the key to regaining absolute control over your life. It can help to repair the damage caused during your drinking and drugging. Finding reasons to get sober, and then taking the necessary steps, can help you to find a life you never thought you’d have.

The Top 10 Reasons to Get Sober

Sobriety is a conscious decision made daily to not pick up a drink or a drug. Having reasons to get sober, and stay that way, can be the catalyst to reaching a whole new level of happiness you never thought was possible. 

#1. Interpersonal Relationships (Family and Friends)

For those who struggle with substances, this can be one of the biggest reasons to get sober. You may have broken the trust of your parents, your wife, your husband, or your best friend. The guilt and shame caused by whatever action led to the trust being broken can keep someone out there for a long time. Getting sober is probably all that your loved ones want for you. Doing so can set you on a path to repairing these relationships.

#2. Gaining Self Esteem

Are you tired of feeling down about yourself? One of the reasons to get sober can be to feel better about yourself and your life. Reaching goals you may set for yourself can only make you feel good. Leaving the substances behind opens a door to setting and achieving goals you never thought about until now. 

#3. Health

Drugs and alcohol wreak havoc on the body. Giving up these substances can help set your body on a course of repairing itself from all the damage you may have caused. You may begin to feel energized, at peace, and even at a place of happiness and joy.

#4. Better Financially

Drugs and alcohol are expensive! Everyone likes to feel financially secure. One of the biggest motivating reasons to get sober is that it’s better for you financially. If you aren’t financially invested in a toxic substance, you can financially invest in yourself and things that you enjoy doing in life. Take trips, buy a new car, and build a life you want to keep living. The possibilities are endless.

#5. Better Emotionally

When you stop drowning in your sorrows, you give yourself the opportunity to begin to feel better. While some people drink in order to “feel better,” it’s actually a depressant so it makes the feelings amplified, and more uncontrollable. Gaining emotional freedom is another reason to get sober.

#6. Relationships With Children Improve

Same as with interpersonal relationships, your relationship with your children could be suffering due to drugs and alcohol. Getting sober is probably the best way to begin the process of repairing these relationships.

#7. Gain Healthy Coping Skills

Gaining healthy coping skills helps you to address and navigate through difficult times easier, and with a more positive outcome than using drugs or alcohol would. Your reasons to get sober may include learning how to deal with your emotions in a healthy manner.

#8. Creating Memories

Most of the time, when you get sober, your memory bank is full of negative and chaotic things. Building new memories is possible. The positive will replace the negative.

#9. Freedom

Being free from drugs and alcohol is probably the best of the reasons to get sober. Not having to drink every day to feel a semblance of normalcy and being able to enjoy the life you have embarked on is so rewarding!

#10. Because Your Life Matters

Simply put- you are worth a better life. Drugs and alcohol are toxic and lethal. Getting sober puts you in a place of limitless possibilities. You are worth it!

How to Get Sober

The best way is to reach out and seek professional help. Detox is the most important part of getting sober, as it helps set the foundation for the road you are about to embark on. Removing the substance from your body is the first step. Learning a new set of life-changing skills is the next. Finding your reasons to get sober can help to lead you to a path of freedom and happiness. All it takes is a conscious choice to get better. 

Getting Sober in Orange County, CA

There are many reasons why someone should get sober. When that decision is reached, there is help available. There is no need to suffer alone and in silence. Professional care and attention can be crucial to making it through the initial stages of early recovery. If you or a loved one are struggling, we at Ocean Hills Recovery can help. Contact us today and begin your journey to a sober life.

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