Recreational Drug Addiction Information and Resources

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Ocean Hills Recovery is the best resource for alcohol & drug addiction recovery. Enroll in our 30-60-90 day residential program for your best chance to recovery. See more about various recreational drugs below.

Methamphetamine HCI, the chemical name for the drug commonly known as crystal meth, crystal, or ice is the ‘cooked’ and crystallized form of methamphetamine. Learn about crystal meth effects and how you can seek meth addiction treatment/methamphetamine treatment. Crystal meth is a very addictive substance and there are many short and long term effects – please seek help from a crystal meth rehab before it’s too late.

Amphetamine is an extremely addictive illegal substance that many users abuse. Learn more about the amphetamine addiction and how you can get amphetamine addiction treatment.

Cocaine, also known as coke, snow, blow, is the most abused and addictive stimulant in U.S. It is extracted from the leaves of the coca plant and users may snort, sniffed, inject, or smoke the substance. The short and long term effects of cocaine are extremely dangerous. If you or your loved one is struggling with cocaine addiction, find your way back from cocaine addiction with Ocean Hills Recovery’s cocaine treatment program.

Heroin is another powerful and addictive illegal substance that is used by many. Unlike cocaine, heroin is a depressant that users can inject, smoke, or inhale. Since heroin is such a dangerous drug, it is highly recommended for abusers to seek help from a professional heroin treatment program. It’s important to consider a numerous factors when choosing a heroin rehab for you or your loved one.

Pain Pill/Prescription Drugs Addiction

Learn more about pain pill addiction and prescription drugs addiction which is the fastest-growing category of drug abuse in the country.

Opiate – Ocean Hills Recovery also offers opiate treatment for people who are addicted to opiate.

Oxycontin – one of the most powerful pain killers in public. Report indicates there has been a increase of oxycontin addiction since it was introduced in 1995. It is important for abusers and addicts to seek proper oxycontin addiction treatment to reduce chances of relapse.

Percocet – is a frequently prescribed medication for people who experience pain. Learn the dangers and symptoms of percocet addiction and what type of percocet addiction treatment a person should get.

Valium – If you or someone you know is addicted to valium, it’s important to seek valium addiction treatment

Xanax – information on xanax addiction such as what is it and common signs of xanax addiction. If someone you know who is addicted to Xanax, please read and learn about Xanax withdrawal symptoms and treatment

Drug Rehabilitation Information

Finding a California Drug Rehab that is effective and affordable may be one of the hardest tasks in beginning recovery. Ocean Hills Recovery offers one-of-a-kind resident drug treatment approach to ensure success for all patients.


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