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Southern California Ethical Addiction Treatment

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Addiction to alcohol and drugs is a serious problem that has destroyed many lives, and recovering addicts often scramble to put the pieces of their life back together when they haven’t received the best treatment. Sadly though, some businesses that call themselves “rehabs” have decided to take advantage of the struggle to beat addiction. This slows recovery and makes it much harder for people to reclaim control of their lives.

When you or someone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it’s vital you find ethical addiction treatment facility so that you can be matched with the right treatment plan. Unfortunately, as with all business types, there are businesses out there that take advantage of clients when they are at a low point and in need of help. With the right information, you can educate yourself before entering inpatient rehab and finding yourself worse off than when you started. 

How Unethical BusinessesTake Advantage of Addicts Seeking Treatment

The businesses that engage in unethical practices aim to profit from other people’s problems and misfortune. In some cases, these companies will not even have their own treatment centers to help addicts. They advertise addiction treatment options and invite people to join their mailing lists for more information about the program.

They will then sell the information to rehabilitation centers for a cut of their profit. Unfortunately, it gets worse from there. To get as many leads as they can, these companies will make exaggerated promises that the treatment centers can’t keep, and the ones who want to end their addiction are often left running in circles without a sense of direction.

How We Are Different

At this point, many people ask how Ocean Hills Recovery is different from the other California addiction treatment programs. First, we believe in maintaining a high level of transparency throughout the entire treatment process. Those who come to us know what to expect at each turn. Besides have the standard business license that any person can obtain, we are also accredited by CARF International. In order to receive and maintain accreditation, our rehab must meet the required standards of care for addiction treatment. 

Because every person is different, we believe in assessing each person and coordinating a custom program for each individual. If a person, however, is not appropriate for any of our therapies, we will be certain to make alternative arrangements or recommendations for treatment. If there is another treatment plan that would be more appropriate, we will share that up front.

We Get to Know Each Person Who Seeks Our Guidance

We know that each person’s battle with addiction has its own set of challenges that need to be addressed. If you come to Ocean Hills Recovery for addiction treatment, you won’t be placed in the same treatment plan as every other person. Instead, we offer comprehensive and custom addiction treatment programs for each participant. We will learn about your struggles and the impact your addiction has had on your life. Then we can put together the plan that will help you achieve long-term recovery.

We Care About Our Patients

Since 2008, we have helped many wonderful people who have gone on to live meaningful lives.  Even though nobody plans to become an addict, it does still happen. Having the right approach is only a small part of the battle against addiction. Patients will have a much higher chance of success when they work with caring professionals who are passionate about what they do. That is what you will get when you come to Ocean Hills Recovery for addiction treatment.

Work With Us

If you are wondering if you need addiction treatment, you have begun an important journey in beginning to research ethical addiction treatment. Contact an addiction counselor today to find out how Ocean Hills Recovery can help you begin your recovery from substance abuse. We know that you are ready for the next step in the process and urge you to reach out to us as soon as you can.


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