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Why Choose Sober Living? Find Out More About OHR

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You must be wondering: Why choose sober living? At Ocean Hills Recovery we show you how a sober life can still be happy and stress-free.

You’ve completed your inpatient drug rehab stay, but your recovery process doesn’t end there. Unfortunately, many people leave rehab and go right back into their old routines. Desires are still present and maybe they aren’t quite ready for the temptations that appear in their previous living situation. If your roommate hasn’t given up on drugs/alcohol, for example, going home isn’t going to be the safest option for even the most motivated addict in recovery. Or maybe their previous living situation is no longer available. Sober living is a fantastic baby step back into the ‘real world’ following your drug rehab experience.

What is Sober Living?

An inpatient residential treatment center for drugs and alcohol will provide a more intensive recovery experience, which will come with less freedom during your stay. It is necessary for you to have more strict boundaries while you detox, for example. If you were allowed out of the center during that period of time, you may turn back to drugs to help ease the uncomfortableness that withdrawal brings. The restrictions are also for your safety. A reputable inpatient rehab will have medical staff on site to ensure you can detox and recover in the safest way possible.

Sober living is a less clinical, more homey setting for an addict to continue their recovery. There may be curfews imposed and required meetings along with random drug and alcohol testing, however, residents can come and go as they please. With sober living comes responsibility, such as grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Drugs, alcohol and violence are strictly prohibited to keep everyone in the sober living home safe. Many sober living homes have a zero tolerance rule if certain rules are broken, however, there is more freedom overall.

What does Sober Living Provide?

California sober living provides more than a supervised and sober environment for an addict in recovery. A reputable sober living home will be a support system while you are relearning how to be self-sufficient. Oftentimes a sober living home will be able to assist with your job and housing search and will help you to relearn how to have balance in life, in many areas emotional balance, vocational balance, even physical balance.

Why Choose Sober Living?

The longer you are receiving treatment for addiction, be it clinically or socially, the better your chances of staying sober. Sober living should be seen as a supplement to rehab. It helps a person adjust to sobriety, provides time to heal relationships, while also providing a safe place for a person to live. In sober living, an addict can develop peer relationships with others that are facing the same struggles, which can also help with long-term recovery.

Sober living can be seen as sticking your toe into the pool to see how cold it is. Jumping into a cold pool will shock you, but easing into it can make your road to recovery smoother and more successful. Why not put your best foot forward into the world following inpatient drug rehab? Choose sober living in California at Ocean Hills Recovery and start a peaceful and fruitful life after addiction.

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